Tuesday 2 January 2024

Get to know the types of shockbreakers, what are they?


As a vehicle owner, success in maintaining car comfort and performance often depends on selecting the right shockbreaker. Getting to know the various types of shockbreakers is an important first step in maintaining your vehicle.

That way, you can make smarter decisions and optimize your driving experience. Let’s learn more about the types of shockbreakers that you can consider, quoted from the official Suzuki website.

1. Conventional Shockbreaker

Conventional shockbreakers are the most common type found in cars. They consist of a tube filled with oil and equipped with a spring.

When a vehicle crosses an obstacle on the road, this shockbreaker works by pushing oil through small channels in the tube to absorb the shock.

Even though they are simple, conventional shockbreakers are able to provide a good balance between comfort and stability.

2. Twin-Tube Shockbreaker

This type of shockbreaker is a common choice on conventional cars. With a two-tube structure, namely an inner and outer tube, a twin-tube shockbreaker utilizes oil in the inner tube and air or gas between the two. This design allows for efficient shock absorption, but it should be noted that these shockbreakers tend to wear out more quickly.

3. Monotube Shockbreaker

Monotube shockbreaker comes as a more modern evolution with only one tube containing oil and gas. The advantage of this design lies in the efficiency of shock absorption and better control, especially when the vehicle is moving at high speed.

4. Gas Shockbreaker

Gas shockbreaker is a variant of the twin-tube type that uses nitrogen as a protective gas. The presence of this gas helps prevent foam from forming in the oil, maintaining the performance of the shockbreaker to remain consistent in absorbing shocks.

5. Hydraulic Shockbreaker

Hydraulic shockbreakers use oil with pressure that can be adjusted according to needs. Ideal for controlling changing weights in a vehicle. With pressure adjustment capabilities, this shockbreaker can provide optimal comfort and performance.

Understanding the differences between these types of shockbreakers will help you make smarter decisions. Consider your driving needs and adjust to the most suitable type of shock absorber to get the maximum driving experience.

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