Friday 29 December 2023

Responding to Certification Issues, ADM Ensures Daihatsu Production and Distribution in Indonesia Runs Normally


Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (DMC) and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) Japan are currently being hit by unpleasant issues regarding inappropriate procedures related to vehicle safety certification.

This issue made DMC and TMC decide to temporarily postpone vehicle deliveries for the domestic market and markets outside Japan, until confirmation from the relevant authorities and stakeholders.

In response to this, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) ensures that vehicle production and distribution in Indonesia continues to run normally.

In its official statement, Daihatsu Indonesia apologized for the inconvenience caused and together with its principals have ensured that all Daihatsu vehicles produced, distributed and marketed in Indonesia do not have quality and safety problems.

“Daihatsu vehicles also comply with applicable regulations. And, we also continue to coordinate with the Indonesian government authorities. “Daihatsu customers can still use their vehicles safely and comfortably,” said the official statement.

ADM as an automotive manufacturer with the largest production capacity really upholds providing the best products to customers while still prioritizing quality and safety.

“Regarding the certification process, we are also fully coordinating with government authorities as stakeholders and determinants of the homologation process in Indonesia. “It has been determined that ADM’s domestic production will continue to operate normally in accordance with plans to meet market needs in Indonesia,” continued the statement from Daihatsu.

Furthermore, according to ADM’s direction, production for the export market will also be temporarily suspended, awaiting confirmation from the authorities in the export destination country.

Meanwhile, regarding exports, in accordance with the previous announcement from the principal, ADM ensures that this is not related to quality and safety issues.

“Currently we have received confirmation from the authorities of most export destination countries that we have complied with the regulations in force in the export destination countries. ADM has resumed export deliveries in stages starting December 26 2023 to more than 60 export destination countries that have provided confirmation. Daihatsu would like to express its gratitude for the trust of customers to date who have always chosen Daihatsu as a Friend in all their activities,” concluded the statement.

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