Thursday 28 December 2023

Noah Sinclair Joins in Celebrating Christmas, Public Compares to When Ashraf Sinclair Was Still There


Bunga Citra Lestari’s only son, Noah Sinclair, joined in enlivening the Christmas celebrations which were celebrated by Christians on Monday (25/12/2023).

As seen through the upload of the TikTok account @/bclnoah, you can see the moment when Tiko Pradipta Aryawardhana’s son opened his Christmas gift.

Wearing a red Santa Claus hat and gray t-shirt, Noah Sinclair was so impatient to see the contents of the Christmas gift he got.

One of the men in the blue shirt even helped the boy born in 2010 open his Christmas presents.

After much effort, Noah Sinclair finally managed to open the gift. Apparently, he got a drinking container. He was also seen showing off while showing the gift he got.

“Yeah, it’s good enough to get a Starbucks discount,” said the video recorder when he saw the prize that Noah Sinclair got, quoted Thursday (28/12/2023).

Even though this video shows the moment of happiness felt by the son of the singer who is familiarly called BCL, many netizens actually made oblique comments.

A number of netizens actually criticized Noah Sinclair for joining in the Christmas celebrations and compared it to when his late father was still around.

“In the past, Ashraf never celebrated Christmas,” commented netizens.

“Because Ashraf’s family may be religious, they don’t celebrate Christmas. If her current husband might allow it. We don’t know,” added another netizen.

“Yes, because Ashraf’s religion is strong. Even though a child’s prayers are awaited by their parents, but in the world…” said another.

“Represents my ignorance. When I was with Ashraf, was BCL like this or not?” asked netizens.

However, apart from that, quite a few netizens praised the BCL child.

“Tolerance is that. We are not taking part in the event, but to look after each other, not disturb each other,” said the netizen.

“In Indonesia, many people are starting to realize that tolerance is beautiful. Christmas this year feels busier and more exciting,” added another.

“Religion and differences are not meant to hate each other. Just think positively, maybe there will be colleagues and relatives celebrating,” commented another netizen.

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