Saturday 30 December 2023

Wuling Binguo EV Has Luxury Car Features, What Are They?


WulingBinguo EV was officially introduced in November 2023. Now, consumers who want to buy this car can order directly at the nearest dealer.

This Wuling Binguo EV apparently has a feature that a luxury car has. This feature is cruise control.

This feature functions to regulate the speed of the car without having to step on the gas pedal. However, there are minimum and maximum limits for this feature to be run.

Not only that, this cruise control also functions to detect the distance of the vehicle in front when the car is moving.

Push button cruise control feature. As an illustration [Shutterstock]. This feature will also carry out automatic braking commands with the help of embedded artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This function can be found in cars that use adaptive cruise control technology.

How Cruise Control Works

How cruise control works is by connecting this feature to the accelerator via cable. The goal is to keep the gas pedal in a certain position and maintain the stability of the car so that it remains within the specified speed limit.

Next, the electronic system in the car will regulate the speed using various sensors and throttle controls in order to operate the system via a wireless system.


Wuling BinguoEV uses a lithium ferro-phosphate battery with a capacity of 31.9 kWH for the 333 km and 37.9 kWh variants with a range of 410 km. The electric motor of Wuling’s new car produces around 50 kW of power or around 67 HP.

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