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How old is Elmer Syaherman? This is the figure of pilot husband Ira Nandha


How old is Elmer Syaherman? Elmer’s profile and age are currently in the spotlight of netizens. The reason is, he, who works as a pilot and is married, was reportedly having an affair with a flight attendant.

It was reported that Elmer Syaherman had an affair with a flight attendant known as Bella Damaika. The  news of Elmer’s affair was revealed directly by his wife Ira Nandha.

As the news of Elmer’s affair spread, Elmer’s age also became a focus. So, how old is Elmer Syaherman? For details, see the following Elmer’s profile complete with a comparison of the ages of Elmer, Ira and Bella.

Profile and Age of Elmer Syaherman

There is not much information about Elmer Syaherman. However, it is known that Elmer  is a pilot from Jakarta. Elmer has a wife named Ira Nandha, whom he married in 2019. The two couples are blessed with a son named Kavi Ibrahim Syaherman.

Apart from being an active pilot, Elmer is also known to be active on social media such as Instagram and TikTok. Elmer’s Instagram account is @elmersyaherman, while his TikTok account is @bapakkavi.

Recently, it was reported that Elmer was having an affair with a flight attendant named Bella Damaika. Ira revealed their affair directly through their social media account.

News of Elmer and Bella’s affair immediately became a hot topic on social media, even trending on Twitter and TikTok. The news of their affair went viral after Ira revealed the contents of Elmer and Bella’s chat on social media.

In the contents of the chat, Elme and Bella can be seen replying to each other’s messages like lovers. The two also call each other darling. In fact, Bella also shared sexy photos with Elmer. The contents of the chat immediately drew strong reactions from netizens.

Many netizens regret Elmer’s affair. According to netizens, Elmer and Ira are a beautiful couple. Apart from that, according to netizens, Ira’s face is much prettier than Bella.

As news of Elmer’s affair goes viral,  it seems that the age comparison of Elmer, Ira and Bella has also become a highlight. But unfortunately, no information was found regarding Elmer’s age. For Ira, he is known to be 27 years old and Bella is 26 years old.

This is a review of how old Elmer Syaherman is, complete with his profile and a comparison of Elmer’s ages with Ira and Bella. I hope this information is helpful!

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