Saturday 30 December 2023

Aroma Variants Based on Zodiac Signs, This Body Lotion Sets a Muri Record


The body lotion brand Satellite of Glow (Satglow) won an award from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) on Friday, December 29 2023. The award was given in the category of First Local Body Lotion According to the Zodiac.

“Satellite of Glow or Satglow is the first local body lotion with a 12 zodiac concept with 12 different variants and fragrances specially formulated to suit the personality traits of each zodiac. “This concept is considered by Muri to be the first local body lotion according to the zodiac, so it received an award as a record breaker and is something to be proud of,” said CEO of Satellite of Glow, Matthew in his statement.

Apart from the aroma, the color of this body lotion is also adjusted to the birthstone of each zodiac. Apart from this unique concept, body lotion still prioritizes its benefits for skin health.

Illustration of using body lotion (pexels/luminola) “The various benefits of this local body lotion are that it can exfoliate the skin because it contains AHA, BHA and pHA. “It also helps overcome skin problems such as moisturizing the skin, preventing dry and dull skin, brightening the skin and nourishing the skin,” explained Matthew.

According to Matthew, it is also very comfortable when used.

“The ingredients quickly absorb into the skin, are not sticky when used, and do not cause white cast,” explained Matthew, who said that Satglow is a safe body lotion for breastfeeding mothers and sensitive skin.

At the momentum of the MURI award, Satglow, which is produced at the PT Nose Herbalindo manufacturing factory in North Jakarta, also launched its newest product, namely eau de parfum with the theme ‘scent around the world’. A total of 8 unique fragrance variants and adorable packaging were launched by Satglow.

“We always prioritize the quality and needs of customers’ skin, so this time Satglow is back again using a composition of salscent and sensfeel to launch 8 new perfume variants with the theme ‘Around the world’. “With salscent as the raw material, Satglow is effective in making the fragrance last 2-3 hours longer than standard perfume,” explained Matthew.

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