Thursday 28 December 2023

Sule`s Style Fight vs Nathalie Holscher`s Fiancé Momong Adzam, Who Is Stickier To?


It’s only been a year since Nathalie Holscher divorced from Sule, but there are already many men who have decorated her life. Now Nathalie has even been proposed to by a Spanish foreigner named Ladislao Camara and is due to get married in 2024.

The public is busy comparing the figures of Ladislao Camara and Sule, especially because Nathalie Holscher’s husband will have to be a good continued father for his young child, namely Adzam.

One thing that has recently been highlighted is the ability of Ladislao Camara and Sule in caring for Adzam. Guess which one of them is more attached to Adzam?

1. Sule

After divorcing Nathalie Holscher, Sule rarely spent time with Adzam. However, Sule and his children met Adzam several times, who now lives with Nathalie Holscher.

However, the public often highlights Sule and Adzam’s awkwardness every time they meet. There was even a moment when Adzam was fussy when he was about to be carried by Sule. Adzam only wanted to play with Sule and his four older siblings after being persuaded.

“It’s been a long time since we saw each other,” said Sule. “Putri, Iky, has matured in her thinking. “If it’s a small child, he’s innocent, so maybe it’s awkward since we haven’t seen him for a long time.”

2. Ladislao Camara

Meanwhile, a different situation was shown when Ladislao Camara took care of Adzam. The owner of the YouTube channel entitled BULE MERAKYAT was not awkward carrying Adzam, the boy even seemed familiar with greeting Ladislao Camara as “Dada”.

Seen in the video uploaded by the TikTok account @journey.of.us_11.14, Ladislao Camara easily took over Adzam from Nathalie Holscher’s arms. Adzam didn’t seem fussy and even complied when asked to say goodbye to his mother.

“I want Dada,” said Ladislao Camara while carrying Adzam, leaving Nathalie Holscher. “(Say) ‘Bye’.”

“Bye. Bye. Goodbye. “I want to play,” said Adzam innocently.

“Why is that?” Nathalie Holscher protested because her child was clinging to Ladislao Camara.

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