Saturday 30 December 2023

Cheated on by Elmer Syaherman, Ira Nandha`s family turns out not to be random figures


The relationship between Elmer Syaherman and Ira Nandha has recently been in the spotlight. That’s because Elmer Syaherman’s affair was revealed.

Another fact that is no less surprising is that it turns out that Ira Nanda does not come from just any family. He has two younger brothers who are police officers and are considered to be from a prominent family.

Before the chaos of her husband’s affair with flight attendant Bella Damaika. It is known that Ira Nandha has two younger brothers who have officially become police, namely Iqbal Mustakim and Irza FM.

This fact was revealed through various family photos that Ira shared via her personal Instagram. It can be seen that Ira is the first child of 4 siblings. Ira has 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother.

The following are portraits of Ira Nandha’s 2 younger brothers who are police officers which were successfully summarized, Saturday (30/12/2023).

1. Irza FM East Kalimantan Women’s Police

Based on posts on Irza’s Instagram account, it appears that she has been a police officer for quite some time and has completed her education and service as a female police officer, aka Policewoman.

Now Irza officially serves in the East Kalimantan Regional Police aka East Kalimantan Police. He was also found to have friends from the same class as policewomen, and he even took studio photos together as a unit.

Interestingly, while serving in the police unit, Irza also often took part in various sports activities such as futsal and volleyball. He was even seen mentoring his younger brother   Iqbal who is also a police officer.

2. Iqbal Mustakim Police Education

In March 2022, Irza wished his younger brother a happy 3 years of service. Moreover, the post shows Iqbal’s uniform with the label Lemdiklat (National Police Education and Training Institute of the Republic of Indonesia), which means Iqbal is still in training.

In December 2022, Iqbal was finally declared a graduate and his extended family came to graduation day, including Ira  Nandha. But unfortunately, Elmer Syaherman is not visible in the photo.

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