Friday 29 December 2023

You must know, here are 5 signs of motorbike compression leaking


There are various technical problems with motorbikes, and many of these problems can trigger a breakdown.

In fact, a motorbike engine that is functioning properly is very important for maintaining performance when driving.

One of the problems often encountered is compression leaks. As a guide, here are the signs you need to know, quoted from the official Suzuki website:

1. The motorbike is difficult to start in the morning

Morning is the best time to check the condition of the engine. A normal engine should start easily when started or turned on in just one try. If it is more than that, this could be a sign of a compression leak.

To be sure, you can try turning the ignition key ON and OFF several times. This can also help generate fuel pressure in the EFI engine before the motorbike engine is started.

2. Engine Sound Sounds Rougher

Leaking compression can also cause the engine sound to become rough and abnormal. This is caused by incomplete combustion. So, if you hear rough air coming from the engine compartment, this could be an indication.

3. Reduced Vehicle Power

A decrease in compression means that the amount of gas burned by the engine is reduced. As a result, engine power will be reduced drastically. This decrease will be very noticeable, especially when the vehicle reaches top speed or is carrying a load.

4. Engine Oil Runs Out Quickly

Furthermore, the problem of leaking motorbike engine compression can cause engine oil to flow into the combustion chamber and catch fire during the combustion process. That’s why, this can cause the engine oil to run out quickly over a certain period of time.

5. White Smoke Coming Out of the Exhaust

The last sign of a compression leak is white smoke coming out of the exhaust. However, make sure to check it well because this white smoke can also be caused by oil leaks, compression rings, gaskets, and engine block damage.

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