Saturday 30 December 2023

7 Facts about the Death of Actor Lee Sun Kyun, Allegedly He Was Fired Due to a Drug Case


The death case of the film actor “Parasite”, Lee Sun-kyung, which was revealed on Wednesday (27/12/2023), is still being investigated by the South Korean police. This sudden death, which was thought to be an act of suicide, became public after Lee Sun Kyun’s body was found lying stiff in his car.

From the results of the police investigation, several pieces of evidence were found which are strongly suspected to be the cause of Lee Sun-kyun’s death. The emergence of speculation about Sun-kyun’s possession of drugs also adds to the long list of investigations carried out by the police. Even though there are strong suspicions that there was a suicide, Sun-kyun’s family rejected the autopsy planned by the authorities to reveal the true cause of death.

So, what actually happened? Check out the complete 7 facts about Lee Sun-kyung’s death.

1. Had a drug test and the results were negative

Several months before Sun-kyung’s death was revealed, this 48 year old actor had a drug test and the results were negative. This was suspected because Sun-kyun was said to have consumed drugs, but this was not proven because the drug test results showed that there were no narcotic substances in Sun-kyun’s body.

2. Sun-kyun’s dismissal in several film projects

Even though he claims he is not involved in drug use, several sources say that Sun-kyun has been fired by several production houses and other companies in their projects due to investigations into drug cases involving Sun-kyung. This only happened after Sun-kyung underwent a drug examination in November 2023 after she was found to have attended a party in Gangnam, Seoul.

3. Become a victim of bullying by netizens

But unfortunately, Sun-kyun has already become the target of Korean netizens on social media. The fans’ disappointment was also expressed through various social media. Sun-kyung also apologized for the bad news about her, but this did not deter netizens from bullying her.

4. Sun-kyun’s manager had lost contact

After news of the drug investigation against the Parasite actor emerged, Sun-kyun’s manager admitted that he reported to the police on Tuesday (26/12/2023) because Sun-kyun could not be contacted for some time. This report was immediately taken up by the local police to find Sun-kyun’s whereabouts.

5. Sun-kyun’s body was found in his car

A search was carried out by the South Korean police at various points in Seoul City. Sun-kyun was finally found lying stiff in his car parked in a park in Seoul. From the police’s findings, there were charcoal briquettes which were suspected to be the tool and media for Sun-kyun’s suicide and died on Wednesday (27/12/2023) at around 10.30 local time.

6. Suspects of suicide emerged

Police were investigating the cause of Sun-kyun’s death by conducting a crime scene investigation. Various pieces of evidence, including blasphemy from netizens, have also fueled the assumption that Sun-kyun committed suicide because he could not stand the blasphemy and dismissal he experienced.

7. The family refuses an autopsy

The investigation will still be carried out by the police even though Sun-kyun’s family, including his wife, Jeon Hye Jin and two children, refuse to carry out an autopsy on the husband. This was done in order to maintain the privacy of the late Sun-kyun.

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