Thursday 28 December 2023

Teuku Wariza`s Profile: Highlighted by Al-Jazeera, Allegedly Coordinator for the Expulsion of Rohingya Refugees


The name of student Teuku Wariza suddenly rose to the public surface after being highlighted by foreign media.

It is known that Teuku Wariza was one of the members of the mass demonstration for the rejection and expulsion of Rohingya refugees which was held at Meuseuraya Aceh (BMA) on Wednesday (27/12/2023).

Teuku Wariza was appointed as the field coordinator, aka the coordinator of the mass action. Meanwhile, Teuku Wariza was interviewed by one of the foreign media, Al-Jazeera.

“Indonesian students demand that Rohingya refugees from Myanmar be deported,” wrote the Al Jazeera account as quoted, Thursday (28/12/2023).

Netizens are now discussing who Teuku Wariza is.

The following is Teuku Wariza’s profile as summarized by

Teuku Wariza: Nicknamed ‘The Demonstrator’

Teuku Wariza has left several digital footprints on social media.

He was caught on camera taking part in the activities of Barisan Muda Hadi Surya (BMHS).

Meanwhile, Hadi Surya is the Chairman of Gerindra South Aceh

“Who is the Coordinator of the action to expel Rohingya refugees in Aceh? According to this Al-Jazeera video, his name is Teuku Wariza. His digital footprint shows he is the Coordinator of the Hadi Surya Youth Front (BMHS). Hadi Surya is Chairman of Gerindra South Aceh,” typed a user

“Apart from sticking to politicians at Gerindra, Teuku Wariza has a track record of demonstrating with various platforms that seem to change depending on the order. Yesterday he used the BEM Nusantara cover, another time IMP, it could also be GMPBA, there is also GERPAS and so on,” continued the netizen.

Teuku Wariza et al are called barbaric to expel Rohingya refugees

The action of Teuku Wariza and a number of other students to expel Rohingya refugees is now being greeted with harsh criticism from netizens.

Because netizens are highlighting how students treat refugees. It was stated that the students intimidated the refugees, who consisted of women and children.

Teuku Wariza and the student demonstrators were branded as barbaric through their actions.

“What’s the difference between you and the uneducated, violent group? Your alma mater is a symbol of higher education. But your mentality is barbaric,” wrote the netizen.

It was observed that Teuku Wariza brought a line of students from campuses in Aceh, namely the Al Washliyah campus, Abulyatama University, and Bina Bangsa Getsempena.

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