Friday 29 December 2023

Rian Mahendra Reveals the Mode of Theft of Valuables That Usually Occurs on Buses


Rian Mahendra, son of bus entrepreneur PO Haryanto, gave his response regarding the rampant theft of valuables on buses.

According to Rian, the method of stealing valuables on buses has never changed and has been going on for a long time.

“Based on the same experience that I had in the 2008-2010s. This syndicate and modus operandi are still the same. It hasn’t changed since the 2000s,” wrote Rian via the account @rianmahendra83, quoted Friday (29/12/ 2023).

The figure of Rian Mahendra, one of Haryanto’s children who is now continuing PO Haryanto (Source: Youtube PO Haryanto Official) Furthermore, he said that it was impossible for the theft syndicate to collaborate with the bus crew. Usually, the perpetrators buy tickets and dress like ordinary bus passengers.

“Syndicates like this usually don’t dare or want to cooperate with the crew or management, because it would endanger their existence. They are used to looking neat and buying tickets to carry out their actions,” said Rian.

“Sometimes when they find a victim, they get off faster before the destination point stated on the ticket. This is different from “Coro” or pickpockets who climb up from the middle of the road and are used to working together with the crew to carry out acts of theft,” he continued.

As is known, the case of theft of valuables on a bus went viral after Widino Arnoldy (Dino), who is an influencer, vented on social media. He lost the iPad in his bag, and the perpetrator replaced it with a book containing ceramics and a glued zipper.

Rian admitted that the victim’s anger was quite understandable, especially when he received a bad answer from the CS of the bus. Moreover, the safety and comfort of passengers is the responsibility of the bus.

“Based on the discussion at the beginning. If PO has become a customer for a syndicate like this. That means for me personally they are also victims, and I am sure that management as big and professional as RI will not remain silent and will take action so that this syndicate stops playing and looking for food in the company them,” concluded Rian.

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