Thursday 28 December 2023

Deddy Corbuzier Never Celebrates New Year, Turns Out There`s a Sad Story Behind It


New Year is usually filled with various celebrations. But not Deddy Corbuzier, who admits he never celebrates New Year.

If many people welcome the New Year with joy, Deddy Corbuzier actually chooses not to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Not without reason, there is a sad story behind the decision of the figure who decided to quit the world of magic. He remembered his father’s departure.

Deddy Corbuzier said that his father died right on New Year’s Day 16 years ago. Therefore, the new year is not a happy thing for him.

“My father died in 2007, on January 1, New Year. So that’s why I never celebrated New Year,” said Sabrina Chairunnisa’s husband on his YouTube as quoted on Friday (29/12/2023).

Every New Year’s Eve, Deddy Corbuzier remembers the moment when he accompanied his father in the hospital until his loved one died.

“I remember every New Year, I was in the hospital waiting for my father to die. So when the fireworks went off, my father died,” he continued.

In the midst of sharing his sad story with Praz Teguh and Ebel Cobra, Deddy Corbuzier said, “I think it was because of the fireworks [my father died],” he said.

However, he again continued the reason behind him never celebrating New Year until now.

“So my father died on New Year’s Day, [during] fireworks and [his] heart stopped in the hospital,” he concluded.

Deddy Corbuzier really loved his late father. The man, who just turned 47, admitted that he handed over all his income to his father during his lifetime.

Reflecting on this, Deddy Corbuzier now holds all the finances of his son, Azka Corbuzier.

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