Saturday 30 December 2023

Where does Ira Nandha`s income come from? Kavi`s mother dares to spill her husband`s affair


Apart from the news of being a victim of an affair that has been circulating recently, TikTok content creator Ira Nandha Ibok Kavi has also been sought after for information about his source of income. Of course, Ira Nandha’s source of income is probably TikTok. But are there other sources?

Recently, netizens were shocked by Ira Nandha’s confession that her husband had cheated on her. Not just once, what happened to Ira Nandha or known as Ira Nandha Ibok Kavi happened five times.

A Glance at Ira Nandha’s Profile and Biodata

Ira Nandha was actually a flight attendant, who then quit her profession after marrying Elmer Syaherman. From this marriage, they were blessed with a child named Kavi Ibrahim Syaherman.

27 years old in 2023, he now works as a TikToker. In fact, it was never clearly stated that TikToker is his current profession. But if you look at his activities on this account, Ira Nandha seems to have focused on this content creation activity.

Portrait of Ira Nandha While Still a Citilink Flight Attendant (TikTok) The husband, whose affair case was recently revealed, works as a pilot. Many people think that the two met at work, then decided to get married.

Elmer Syaherman works as a pilot at an airline in Indonesia. As for salaries, people who work in this industry are known to be highly paid.

For second officers, the pay can range from IDR 15 million to IDR 20 million. Then for the co-pilot position, the salary received can reach IDR 40 million per month, while the captain position can range from IDR 47.7 million per month.

So what about Nandha’s own IRA income?

The monthly income itself cannot be clearly found. However, if you look at the previous jobs that have been abandoned, a flight attendant’s salary is around IDR 8 million during the training period, and reaches IDR 15 million after being officially accepted.

Based on the number of followers on TikTok, Ira Nandha’s estimated income is more than US$12,000 per month or around Rp. 184,681,200.

Cases of Infidelity Experienced

This case of infidelity was experienced by her because there was evidence that her husband was talking to one of the flight attendants at the airline where he worked. Not just once, this incident has been repeated five times, and some sources even say six times.

Of course, many netizens gave their comments and opinions because of this affair case, and it was considered the dark side of the pilot and flight attendant profession.

That was a glimpse of Ira Nandha’s source of income which has recently been reported by many media. Hopefully this is useful, and good luck with your next activity!

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