Sunday 31 December 2023

Adu Gemas Rayyanza vs Ameena Wearing Winter Outfits on Vacation, Which is More Expensive?


Outfit of the day aka winter OOTD worn by Rayyanza Malik Ahmad and Ameena Nur Atta succeeded in making netizens excited. Guess if there’s a competition between outfit styles, whose outfit is more expensive?

Rayyanza and Ameena took part in the year-end holiday with their parents abroad. The only difference is, Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad went to Paris, France. Meanwhile, Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar went on holiday to Gangnam, South Korea.

Interestingly, because both France and South Korea are currently experiencing winter, Rayyanza and Ameena are wearing winter OOTDs specifically for children. So because these outfits tend to be thick, the effect makes the two toddlers look like dolls.

The following is the Rayyanza Malik Ahmad vs Ameena Nur Atta winter OOTD style competition, which was successfully summarized, Saturday (30/12/2023).

Rayyanza’s Winter OOTD in Paris

Rayyanza appeared with an adorable outfit and expression. The 2 year old toddler wore a winter outfit with a thick cream velvet jacket and white trousers and boots.

Behind the appearance that makes Rayyanza look like a doll, it turns out that the price of the jacket for the toddler who is now familiarly called Ajja, according to the official Moncler website, is in the reversible teddy hoodie category, which is priced at 1,400 dollars or the equivalent of IDR 21.6 million.

This jacket is unique because it can be worn inside out, giving it a motif and two colors between yellow and white. Meanwhile, brown boots in the Ugg Toddlers Neumel EZ-Fit category are priced at 95 dollars or the equivalent of IDR 1.4 million.

So when you add up these outfits the total price reaches IDR 23 million. This price is not in the fantastic category, but it provides a commensurate appearance because Rayyanza is even more adorable.

Even this winter outfit, which is worn to cover the head, still makes Rayyanza comfortable and free to move around while on holiday abroad.

Ameena’s Winter OOTD in Gangnam Korea

When taking photos with her parents in the city of Gangnam, this little family looked united wearing all black outfits. Starting from Atta wearing a black jacket, Aurel wearing a turtle neck knit sweater. Don’t forget Ameena, who looks adorable, was demanded by Atta.

Ameena wore a winter OOTD in a black and white jumpsuit. Don’t forget that the entire jacket is buttoned up to the neck, and covered with a thick head covering.

Apart from that, Ameena also wears a black beanie hat on her head which makes her head bigger, but only shows a little of Ameena’s small face. According to the Two Monkeys website, Ameena’s clothes are from the Stella McCartney Baby Penguin Onesie brand, which is priced at 175 euros or the equivalent of IDR 2.9 million.

This jumpsuit is unique because it uses materials that are all recycled, made from polyester with printed penguin eyes and mouth motifs on the head so it looks adorable.

As for sneakers, Ameena was seen wearing white sneakers, according to the Huntstreet website, they are Golden Goose Deluxe Brand priced at IDR 3 million. So Ameena’s total winter OOTD reaches IDR 5.9 million.

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