Saturday 30 December 2023

Profile of Lesti Kejora`s father and mother, labeled arrogant at baby L`s birthday


Lesti Kejora’s parents became the talk of netizens because of the viral video of Baby L’s second birthday.

In the video, Lesti Kejora’s mother, Sukartini, was labeled arrogant by netizens when she arrived at the birthday event.

Not only Sukartini, this arrogant brand eventually spread to Lesti Kejora’s father, Endang Mulyana, whose attitude was considered similar to his wife’s.

At first, Endang Mulyana, who got out of the luxury car, immediately became excited to avoid the media crew. In fact, he remained silent when asked questions by journalists.

Not much different, Sukartini immediately slipped out of the car without a word. In fact, netizens thought that Sukartini’s expression seemed cynical when he avoided journalists.

So Lesti Kejora’s parents are currently being gossiped about by netizens because they are considered arrogant.

Since the video went viral, netizens have tried to dig up the profile of Lesti Kejora’s parents and what their track record is.

Profile of Lesti Kejora’s father

Lesti Kejora’s father is named Endang Mulyana who was born on May 20 1966. He is a figure who actively uses social media, one of which is Instagram.

In fact, he has 1.7 million followers on Instagram. In his personal account @ayah_kejora, Endang Mulyana often shares moments of his closeness with his family, including Lesti.

With this number of followers, Endang Mulyana often receives endorsements for various products, such as food and clothing.

According to information circulating, he worked as Tamara Bleszynski’s household assistant for many years.

At that time, Tamara was still 10 years old. Endang also admitted that Tamara’s family was very kind to him.

Then, Endang also admitted that he was a nomad because he had worked in various fields, from shopkeeper, household assistant, to being a migrant worker in Canada.

Profile of Mrs. Lesti Kejora

Mrs. Lesti Kejora’s name is Sukartini who is quite active on social media like her husband. Sukartini has an Instagram account called @mamah_kejora which has 462 thousand followers.

With this number of followers, Sukartini also receives endorsements from various products, he even includes a WhatsApp number in his Instagram bio for collaboration purposes.

Sukartini’s name began to skyrocket when Lesti became an Indonesian dangdut star. Recently, his name has been discussed more often when domestic violence issues arise in the child’s family.

Previously, netizens also prayed for Sukartini to be steadfast in facing the problems that were happening to Lesti.

However, currently it has become gossip because they are considered arrogant when they attend Baby L’s birthday event.

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