Sunday 31 December 2023

A Series of Exciting 2024 New Year`s Eve Events at Monas


Are you still confused about how to spend New Year’s Eve in Jakarta? A series of 2024 New Year’s Eve events in Monasi could be one option.

Monas has indeed become one of the places that always provides New Year’s entertainment every year. The enthusiasm of local residents is always great so this event continues to be held.

If you are interested in enlivening Monas on New Year’s Eve, check out the following information!

Series of 2024 New Year’s Eve events at Monas

Even though it is one of the areas open to celebrate New Year’s Eve, the National Monument (Monas) does not provide a fireworks display.

However, don’t worry! Muhammad Isa Sanuri as Head of the Monas Area Management Unit (UPK) has stated that his party has provided various entertainment that is no less exciting.

Apart from video mapping at Monas, visitors can also watch various entertainment stages. From what has been provided, Isa hopes that the community can continue to maintain security and order.

The 2024 New Year’s Eve series of events at Monas will start from 16.00 to 00.30 WIB. The highlight of the event, which is called Malam Muda Mudi “Gemilang Silang Monas”, will feature Lucky Band and Ikmal Tobing.

Apart from that, there are also video mapping and dancing fountains which will be shown in two sessions. The first fountain session will take place at 19.30–20.00 WIB. Meanwhile, the second session will start at 20.30–21.00 WIB.

For video mapping, the first session will take place at 20.00–20.30 WIB. Meanwhile, session two is at 21.00–21.30 WIB.

Car free night New Year’s Eve

However, you need to note that the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) will determine Car Free Night on Sunday evening, 31 December 2023 until early Monday 1 January 2024.

If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Monas, the Transportation Agency has provided 24 parking offices around Monas. Road closures will also be carried out in stages to anticipate road congestion.

“We have prepared 24 parking locations along the activity area. “The roads that will be closed start from the Horse Statue Roundabout to the Senayan Roundabout,” said Syarin some time ago.

The 24 parking locations will be able to accommodate 17,493 motorbikes, 21,914 cars and 192 buses.

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