Friday 29 December 2023

Christmas Holidays Using Motorbikes, Here is a Complete List of AHASS Standby Workshops


The Christmas and New Year holidays with motorbikes are still taking place now until early next year.

Apart from preparation before traveling on a motorbike, the suitability of two-wheeled vehicles while paving also needs to be considered.

Quoted from Wahana Honda’s official release as received by , PT Wahanaartha Ritelindo (WARI) ensures the services of a number of Astra Honda Authorized Service Station (AHASS) workshops during the 2023 Christmas Holidays and 2024 New Year or Christmas Holidays.

In addition, the Honda Emergency Customer Service (HELP) service also continues to operate during the Christmas Holiday period.

The aim is to anticipate emergency conditions experienced by Honda motorbike users on the road.

Fellix Gusman Komala, Region Head of PT WARI stated that there are 19 AHASS workshops in the Jakarta-Tangerang area which will continue to operate during the Christmas Holidays.

The AHASS post for Christmas holiday needs is available for Honda motorbike users [Wahana Honda] “19 AHASS continues to operate from 8 am to 4 pm. “The nineteen AHASS workshops will only close on January 1 2024. Apart from the 19 AHASS, we are also preparing two AHASS posts,” he said in detail.

During the Christmas Holidays, AHASS Wahana always ensures the availability of original spare parts, such as spark plugs, oil and others.

“In order to increase convenience in carrying out transactions, AHASS Wahana is also equipped with non-cash or cashless payments,” said Fellix Gusman Komala.

AHASS Wahana also offers a Year-End Surprise Service Promo which applies to all types of Honda motorbikes. This promotion can be enjoyed until 31 December 2023.

Apart from AHASS Wahana, Honda Care services are available in the form of maintenance for Honda motorbikes from home as well as emergency handling of motorbikes if consumers experience unexpected things on the road.

Honda Care Service The HELP vehicle operates Monday–Saturday, 06.00–22.00 WIB.

“Only Sundays and public holidays, the Honda Care service does not operate or is off,” explained Siti Mulyanah, Head of Honda Customer Care Center (HC3) PT Wahana Makmur Sejati (WMS), who is familiarly called Mulia.

There are nine Wahana HELP fleets operating to cover the areas of Gunung Sahari, Kelapa Gading, Jatinegara, Daan Mogot, Ciputat, Cimone, Karang Mulya, Tanah Tinggi, and Jatake and surrounding areas.

The following is a complete list of AHASS workshops and AHASS posts operating during the Christmas Holiday:

AHASS Workshop

1. Wahana Bintaro (South Jakarta)

2. Wahana Ciracas (East Jakarta)

3. Wahana Condet (East Jakarta)

4. Wahana Gunung Sahari (Central Jakarta)

5. Wahana Daan Mogot (West Jakarta)

6. Wahana Jatinegara (East Jakarta)

7. Wahana Kelapa Gading (North Jakarta)

8 Wahana Tambora (West Jakarta)

9. Wahana Cikokol (Tangerang City)

10. Wahana Cimone (Tangerang City)

11. Wahana Cipondoh (Tangerang City)

12. Wahana Ciputat (South Tangerang)

13 Wahana Jatake (Tangerang Regency)

14. Wahana Cisoka (Tangerang Regency)

15. Wahana Jayanti (Tangerang Regency)

16. Wahana Karangmulya (Tangerang City)

17. Wahana Kronjo (Tangerang Regency)

18. Wahana Pinang (Tangerang City)

19. Wahana Tanah Tinggi (Tangerang City)


1. Wahana Curug (Tangerang Regency)

2. Wahana Pondok Aren (Tangerang City)

Honda motorbike consumers can Call Wahana HELP’s 24-hour service telephone number at (021) 1500-989.

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