Sunday 31 December 2023

After Tens of Millions for Ira Nandha`s Spouse, Elmer Syaherman Now Even Cheated with a Stewardess


The story of the alleged affair with celebrity Ira Nandha’s husband, Elmer Syaherman, is being widely discussed. It is known that the man who works as a pilot has had an affair with his co-worker flight attendant Bella Damaika many times.

Ira herself revealed evidence of their affair which was carried out via the Discord application. Ira even provided more evidence via her Instagram Story on Sunday (31/12/2023).

It is not surprising that the public is increasingly furious with the news of the affair of the couple who is known to be very intimate on social media. Especially because Ira and Elmer were due to celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary in the next month.

“Saturday, February 1 2020, contract and reception,” was the description in the video uploaded to Ira’s Instagram account, quoted on Sunday (31/12/2023).

It seems that the wedding was held very sacredly and solemnly. Using Bugis customs, Ira and Elmer looked like kings and queens for a day in green clothes.

Then afterwards they held a quite magnificent wedding reception at Le Grandeur Hotel which had a more modern concept. Ira and Elmer look harmonious in black and salmon colored clothes.

The video also reveals the dowry given by Elmer to marry Ira. No joke, the pilot from one of the major airlines gave a dowry in the form of 18 grams of gold jewelry.

Quoted from various sources, the price of 18 gram gold jewelry is estimated at IDR 17.1 million. Of course, this is not a small dowry value, especially not including expenses for gifts and wedding ceremonies which of course cost more money.

Portrait of togetherness between Ira Nandha and Elmer Syaherman. (Instagram doc) It’s not surprising that netizens are again raiding the account 3 years ago and regretting that Elmer is suspected of having an affair. Especially because in the video Elmer revealed a number of things that were suspected of being divorced, such as if he left his wife for 2 years in a row, or if he didn’t support Ira for 3 months in a row, or if he hurt his wife emotionally and physically during the marriage.

“I can’t imagine how much the panic was but instead you threw it away, Mr Elmerrrr? Oh my goodness, Mr. Elmerrrr…” complained a netizen, referring to the panaik money that is common at weddings in the Bugis community.

“@elmersyahermn do you remember this moment? “When you cheat, do you remember your wife and children… repent, bro, repent,” commented another netizen.

“Oh Allah… what have you forgotten… what was your initial intention to get married, how has the struggle been all this time…” said another.

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