Friday 29 December 2023

5 Facts about the Daihatsu-Toyota Safety Test Scandal: When Did It Start?


Daihatsu, one of Japan’s leading car manufacturers, is facing a safety testing scandal that has rocked the automotive industry.

This scandal has had a significant impact, including the cessation of domestic production and the suspension of sales of several models, including those produced under the name of Toyota.

Here are 5 key facts related to the Daihatsu-Toyota safety test scandal quoted from TRT:

1. Safety Test Manipulation Since 1989

This scandal stems from Daihatsu’s admission that they have been manipulating safety tests since at least 1989.

This practice includes crash testing and has affected 64 models, including some models sold under the Toyota brand.

2. Domestic Plant Closure

Daihatsu has taken the drastic step of closing all four of its domestic production plants in response to this scandal.

Production is halted until January, and there is no definite estimate for when production can resume.

3. Impact on Industry and Workers

The cessation of Daihatsu production not only has an impact on the company itself but also on more than 8,000 companies throughout Japan that are suppliers or involved in the Daihatsu production chain.

Around 9,000 factory workers were also affected by the factory closure.

4. Suspension of Toyota Sales

This scandal also affected Toyota, the majority owner of Daihatsu. Sales of several Toyota models produced by Daihatsu have also been suspended.

This created uncertainty in the automotive industry and affected Toyota’s brand image.

5. Daihatsu as Part of Toyota

Daihatsu, founded in 1907, became part of Toyota in 1967. Although Daihatsu maintained its autonomy, the scandal created a serious challenge to Toyota’s reputation as the parent company.

Toyota has also previously faced scandals related to emissions and compliance testing.

The Daihatsu-Toyota safety test scandal created a wave of uncertainty and concern in the automotive industry, underscoring the importance of compliance and transparency in vehicle testing for passenger safety and the integrity of the industry as a whole.

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