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Getting to know the figure of `Father of Indonesian Security Guard` Awaloedin Djamin, it turns out that this is his work


Many people may be familiar with the Security Unit or Security Guard. Security guards are often found in various places to help provide security in the area.

But not many people know about the important figure behind the founding of the Security Guard organization. That figure is Police General Awaloedin Djamin. As is known, the Security Guard was established on  30 December 1980 when the then National Police Chief General Awaloedin Djamin issued SKEP/126/XII/1980 concerning Security Unit Development Patterns.

Welcoming the 43rd Birthday of the National Security Unit (Satpam), POLRI, the Association of Indonesian Security Service Users (APJASI), the Association of Indonesian Security Service Business Entities (ABUJAPI), and several related Security Associations held a flower laying ceremony at the Heroes’ Cemetery Kalibata.

This activity is in honor of the ‘Father of the Indonesian Security Guard’ Police General Awaloedin Djamin. So what is the figure of Awaloedim Djamin, known as the Father of Indonesian Security Guard, like?

The following is the profile of

Police General (Ret.) Prof. Dr. Drs. Awaloedin Djamin, M.P.A., was born in Padang, West Sumatra, on September 26 1927. He died on January 31 2019, at the age of 91 years. Awaloedin Djamin is a main figure in the Indonesian National Police (Polri) as well as an academic who plays an important role in various fields.

Awaloedin started his career by studying economics before finally devoting himself to the Bhayangkara Corps. He completed his education at the Police Science College (PTIK) in 1955.

His education didn’t stop there. He pursued a doctorate from the School of Public Administration, University of Southern California, after completing the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs program at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, in 1963. His love of science and knowledge made him active in the academic world, such as being an extraordinary lecturer at PTIK in 1964.

Awaloedin’s career expanded to the political and diplomatic stage. Before leading the National Police, he served as Minister of Manpower in the Ampera Cabinet (1966) and was also Ambassador to West Germany (1976-1978).

In 1978, Awaloedin held a very important position as Chief of the Indonesian Police amidst the challenging security situation in the country. Under his leadership, he not only carefully understood the existing conditions, but also implemented various policies to improve the community security system.

One of his main contributions was in the formation and development of the Security Unit (Satpam) in Indonesia, which later earned the title “Father of Security Guards”.

The figure of Mr. Indonesian Security Guard Awaloedin Djamin. (Special Doc.) Awaloedin’s extraordinary achievements and contributions were recognized with various awards from within and outside the country. Among them are Bintang Dharma, Bintang Bhayangkara, Bintang Mahaputra Adipradana, Satya Lencana War of Independence (I and II), Satya Lencana Karya Bhakti, Satya Lencana Yana Utama, Satya Lencana Panca Warsa, Satya Lancana Ranking of the Struggle for Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Satya Lencana Enforcing Veteran Fighters Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Das Gross Rreuz from West Germany, and The Philippine Legion of Honor from the Philippine Government.

When he passed away, the Bhayangkara Corps mourned the loss of a great figure in the history of the Indonesian police. Therefore, this commemorative event is also a moment to reflect on the synergy between security guards and POLRI in strengthening national security, especially ahead of the political year.

With the theme “Tough Security Guards Support Safe and Peaceful Elections”, this event highlights the role of Security Guards in facing increasingly complex security challenges in the era of technological progress and digitalization, especially ahead of the 2024 Election.

Directorate of Community Potential Development, Community Development Corps, Agency Security Guard for the Indonesian National Police (Ditbinpotmas Korbinmas Baharkam Polri), Brigadier General Pol Edy Murbowo, who was present as inspector, emphasized the need for security synergy ahead of the election.

“As a limited police function, security guards are expected to help the National Police in creating safe conditions in their respective work environments.

Especially before this election, it is necessary to carry out supervision and security so that the public can be calm and comfortable in welcoming the democratic party in Indonesia,”

Edy added that security guards must be able to act as more than just guards, they must be an integral part of solving security problems.

Continuous improvement of competence and the ability to act as a problem solver, is key.

APJASI General Chair Leonard Abdul Aziz added the importance of continuously developing the professionalism of security guards.

“As users of security services, we strongly support the government’s efforts to improve the capabilities of security guards. We encourage the development of the quality of security guard human resources through gradual and continuous competency improvement. Security guards must be able to provide effective and proactive security solutions in resolving security problems in the field, ” he said.


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