Friday 29 December 2023

Is it difficult to get the car`s gears in gear? This could be the reason


When you encounter the problem of a car gear that is difficult to engage, you may be wondering what the cause is.

Various factors can be triggers, and it is important to recognize the signs and how to deal with these problems.

The following are several causes and solutions to overcome car gears that are difficult to enter, quoted from the official Daihatsu website:

1. Clutch Settings Are Incorrect

Gears that are difficult to enter can be caused by a clutch free play setting that is too large. This generally occurs in cars with manual transmission.

Resetting the clutch freeplay is necessary to ensure that the setting is not too free.

2. Worn Clutch Pads

Worn clutch linings can make shifting gears difficult. If you experience a decrease in power or difficulty changing gears, it is likely that the clutch lining needs to be replaced.

3. Jammed Clutch Cable

A hard or stuck clutch cable can be caused by dirt or rust. Clutch cable replacement is necessary to ensure smooth gear shifting.

4. Fluid Leak in the Clutch Master

Fluid leaks in the clutch master can result in reduced hydraulic pressure, making it difficult to put the car in gear. Check and add fluid periodically to solve this problem.

5. Inappropriate Pedal Settings

Inappropriate pedal settings can also cause difficulty in shifting gears. Make sure the pedal settings are standard so they are not too free.

6. Synchromesh Ring Worn

If the synchromesh ring is worn, the rotation of the transmission gears cannot be controlled properly, making it difficult to insert gear teeth. Replacement of this component is necessary to restore its performance.

7. Rusty Transmission Input Shaft Spline

A rusty input shaft spline can cause the clutch lining to seize, causing difficulty in shifting gears. Clean rust with a special fluid to overcome this problem.

8. Worn Gear Lever Bushing

Worn gear lever bushing can cause the transmission selector to shift, causing difficulty in changing gears. Replace worn bushings to restore function.

9. Worn Shift Fork

A worn shift fork can cause the hub sleeve to oblate, causing the transmission gear to shift. Shift fork replacement is necessary to ensure its performance returns to normal.

By identifying the causes and taking the right steps, you can overcome the problem of the car’s gears being difficult to engage and maintain the performance of your car’s transmission.

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