Sunday 31 December 2023

Here are 7 of Gibran`s vehicle collections, including a special Alphard plate for Jan Ethes


The figure of Gibran Rakabuming Raka has often been the center of attention recently. Moreover, President Jokowi’s eldest son is now running as vice presidential candidate alongside Prabowo Subianto.

Being in the public spotlight, of course various aspects of Gibran’s life are also in the spotlight and targeted by netizens, including his wealth including Gibran’s vehicle collection.

Recently, Gibran’s vehicle collection was in the spotlight after the X (Twitter) account @ronavioleta uploaded a tweet protesting against Gibran who had reported his assets in the form of a vehicle collection.

“Is the Toyota Alphard a gift for Jan Ethes not included by Bran @gibran_tweet? “Jan Ethes can’t use a car yet, it’s automatically still in his father’s collection, right?” wrote the account.

The account also includes screenshots of news related to Gibran’s luxury cars and Gibran Rakabuming Raka’s various vehicle collections.

So, what is Gibran’s vehicle collection like, including Jan Ethes’s? Check out the complete information below.

When Gibran Rakabuming Raka held the position of Mayor of Surakarta, he was recorded as having assets worth IDR 26,032,784,370, which was last reported on the State Administrator’s Wealth Report (LHKPN) page on January 30 2023.

From these records, President Joko Widodo’s eldest son recorded as having a collection of cars and motorbikes worth IDR 332 million. The collection includes three motorbikes and four cars which fill Gibran’s garage.

The following is a list of Gibran Rakabuming Raka’s car and motorbike collections:

1. 2015 Honda Scoopy motorbike with a price of IDR 7 million

2. 1974 Honda CB-125 with a price of IDR 5 million

3. 2017 Royal Enfield with a price of IDR 40 million

4. 2016 Toyota Avanza priced at IDR 90 million

5. 2012 Toyota Avanza priced at IDR 60 million

6. 2012 Isuzu Panther priced at IDR 7- million

7. 2015 Daihatsu Gran Max priced at IDR 60 million

Gibran’s other assets consist of land and building assets worth IDR 17,339,000,000, transportation equipment and machinery worth IDR 332 million, other movable assets worth IDR 260 million, cash and cash equivalents worth IDR 3,101,260,374, other assets valued at IDR 5,552,000,000, as well as debts amounting to IDR 551,586,004.

Car with ‘Special’ plate belonging to Jan Ethes

Netizens are not only highlighting Gibran’s vehicle collection, but also the car belonging to Gibran’s son, Jan Ethes, is also being discussed.

The four-wheeled vehicle with the ‘special’ plate, which was a gift from his father, suddenly became a public topic of conversation. The black Alphard car has an AD 373 S plate which, when read, looks like ‘Etes’, similar to the owner’s name.

Gibran admitted that he bought the car as a gift for Jan Ethes. However, Jokowi’s eldest son emphasized that he bought the vehicle a long time ago.

Gibran Rakabuming Raka revealed that the black car was used to take Jan Ethes to school. Gibran also emphasized that he bought the car before running for mayor of Solo.

He even invited netizens to check information related to Jan Ethes’ vehicle at Samsat. He added that the car had original plates and was a personal car for his son.

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