Thursday 28 December 2023

Not only the IDR 300 billion house, Alshad Ahmad Sultan Bandung`s family car collection also makes you nervous


Alshad Ahmad’s content promoting the sale of his father’s house is in the spotlight. This is because the luxury house with a classic style is said to be selling for IDR 300 billion.

The public is also busy asking how much wealth Alshad Ahmad’s family has, including what assets Raffi Ahmad’s brother actually owns.

The following is a list of some of Alshad Ahmad’s family’s assets quoted from various sources:

1. Rp. 300 Billion House

Portrait of Alshad Ahmad’s Parents’ Luxury House (YouTube/Alshad Ahmad TV) Alshad Ahmad’s parents are selling their house luxurious area of ​​3,500 square meters located in Bandung, West Java. No joke, the house will be sold at a fantastic price of up to IDR 300 billion.

Alshad’s father, Mansyur Ahmad, admitted that he had been intending to sell the house for a long time because he wanted to help his son build a zoo.

2. Billion Rupiah Luxury Cars

Alshad Ahmad’s family luxury car collection. (YouTube) The contents of the garage of Alshad Ahmad’s family house were once dismantled in Atta Halilintar’s vlog content. From there, it was revealed that Raffi Ahmad’s cousin’s luxury car collection was revealed, the prices of which were of course not trivial.

It appears that cars such as the BMW 3G 20 are priced at IDR 1 billion, the Land Rover Series 2 is priced at IDR 1.25 billion, the Toyota Alphard is priced at IDR 1 billion, the Mercy W220 is priced at IDR 890 million, and the Mercy W204 is priced at IDR 1 billion.

3. Racing Motorcycles at Exorbitant Prices

Facts about Alshad Ahmad (Instagram/@alshadahmad) A number of motorbikes with high specs and exorbitant prices are also seen filling Alshad Ahmad’s family garage.

Some of his motorbike collections include the Ducati Panigale V4S, the price of which reaches IDR 1.21 billion. Then there is also the Yamaha R1M motorbike for IDR 812 million. Then there is also the Yamaha Aerox 155 Version R motorbike.

These are some of the assets of Alshad Ahmad’s family, who is nicknamed the Sultan of Bandung. Now one of these assets is about to be sold and is said to be used to finance the creation of the child’s zoo.

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