Sunday 31 December 2023

How much is Bella Damaika`s salary? Elmer Syaherman even had to send millions of Rupiah in pocket money per month


News of the alleged affair of the husband of Instagram celebrity and TikTok celebrity Ira Nandha, Elmer Syaherman, continues to attract attention.

Based on evidence of conversations on Discord uploaded by Ira, Elmer, who works as a pilot, is suspected of having an illicit relationship with a flight attendant from the same airline as him, Bella Damaika.

This work certainly cannot be underestimated. Apart from the fact that the airline where they work is considered bona fide, the salary range that Bella receives as a flight attendant there can also reach tens of millions per month.

Bella Damaika’s salary as a flight attendant

Bella Damaika [Instagram] Quoted from the CDC BSPDMI Ministry of Industry, flight attendants at state-owned airline subsidiary airlines can get a basic salary of between IDR 4-6 million every month, depending on their position level.

However, this basic salary will still be supplemented with various allowances such as flying money, craft money, and others so that the monthly income can reach IDR 20 million.

Meanwhile, if quoted from reviews on Glassdoor, the average flight attendant at this airline can earn IDR 15.2 million per month. Of course, this salary value is commensurate with the high risks that a flight attendant must bear, considering that traveling by plane is also very risky.

Elmer Syaherman Sends Monthly Pocket Money

Pilot Elmer Syaherman (Instagram/elmeshahermn) However, the salary which is predicted to reach millions of Rupiah still seems not enough for Bella. The reason is that seen from the evidence of the Discord conversation that Ira uploaded to her Instagram Story, Bella once complained that her monthly money had run out as of October 31 2023.

“Yes, this is discussing I don’t have any money, dear hahaha. “Niii, I don’t have this much left, unfortunately,” wrote Bella via the lachocolatte account while uploading a screenshot of her account, which was IDR 1.47 million remaining, quoted on Sunday (31/12/2023).

Elmer, via the Jaheerman account, was also surprised by the woman’s complaint that she was allegedly having an affair. The reason is that Elmer apparently also often sends extra pocket money.

“Well, darling, yesterday I just added a million. How come it’s already finished?” Elmer asked.

In a different screenshot, Bella also nudged Elmer to send him more GoPay balance.

“Next time, go pay more, honey,” Bella asked.

“Yes, that’s why yesterday I gave GoPay for eating sweet or salty things, not for shopping, let alone for getting drunk,” answered Elmer.

“Yeah, I’m going to buy snacks for me, bro. “Have you ever drunk with your money,” said Bella.

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