Sunday 31 December 2023

Onnyta Apriliani`s Moncer Education, Pratama Arhan`s ex-girlfriend, Azizah Salsha, is she losing her competition?


The name Onnyta Apriliani suddenly became widely discussed on social media because she was said to have dated the star of the Indonesian National Football Team, Pratama Arhan.

This issue developed after an old portrait of Arhan and Onnyta was uploaded by the TikTok account @anakema054. It is not surprising that Onnyta’s appearance made her compare with Arhan’s wife, Azizah Salsha.

One thing that is then compared is in terms of education. Between Zize and Onnyta, who has a more impressive educational history?

Onnyta Apriliani’s Educational History

Onnyta Apriliani. (Instagram/@onnytaapr) The owner’s full name, Onnyta Apriliani Putri, is apparently currently studying for a bachelor’s degree. Searched by PD Dikti, this beautiful virgin is studying Bachelor of Management at the Bank BPD Central Java School of Economics.

There is no information regarding Onnyta’s alma mater during high school. However, there is a LinkedIn account that includes her name, Onnyta Apriliani, and claims to have an educational history at SMPN 1 Blora.

Returning to her higher education status, Onnyta is said to have joined as a student at STIE Bank BPD Central Java in 2021 and has not yet graduated. It was observed that Onnyta was actively studying for 3 semesters, then was inactive in semester 4, and returned to active studies in semester 5. In total, Onnyta had taken 93 credits.

Azizah Salsha’s educational history

Azizah Salsha went on holiday to England. (Instagram) Meanwhile, Azizah Salsha is known to have studied at Al Azhar High School BSD Tangerang and graduated in 2021. Zize then continued her education at college, namely a Bachelor of Laws at Trisakti University.

However, if you look at PD Dikti, the daughter of businessman and Member of the Republic of Indonesia’s DPR, Andre Rosiade, appears to have only been active in 3 of the 5 semesters of education she took at Trisakti University. Zize only had active status in semesters 1-3 with a total of 47 credits, then became inactive for a year after that.

That was the educational history of Onnyta Apriliani Putri, who is said to have dated Pratama Arhan. When compared with Azizah Salsha, who do you think has a more impressive study history?

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