Friday 29 December 2023

Strategy for Selling Used Motorbikes: Here`s How to Sell Quickly


The process of selling a used motorbike can be an easy and fast experience if you prepare well.

Without the need to do any trickery, there are a number of good and legal strategies that you can do to get your vehicle sold quickly.

Here are some tips that can help you sell a used motorbike quickly, summarized from various sources:

1. Check and Repair the Condition of the Motorbike

The first step you must take is to thoroughly check the condition of the motorbike. This inspection covers both the engine side and the exterior appearance of the motorbike.

Make sure the engine is functioning properly and the appearance of the motorbike is maintained. Repair damage if found and ensure the appearance of the motorbike matches what is stated on the STNK.

2. Sell at a price slightly below the market price

Conduct a market price survey to find out the price of similar motorbikes. After knowing the market price, set a selling price slightly below the market price to attract the attention of potential buyers.

3. Ensure completeness of documents and letters

Ensure all main documents such as BPKB and STNK are complete and still valid. Used motorbikes that are equipped with complete documents will be easier to sell.

4. Choose the Right Sales Platform

Choose a sales platform that suits your preferences. You can sell directly to dealers, place advertisements in newspapers, or use the internet through marketplaces or social media. Choose a platform that can reach a wider market.

5. Prepare the Best Visuals for the Advertisement

Make sure the photos of the motorbike you use in the advertisement show the best visuals. Clear and attractive photos will increase the appeal of potential buyers.

6. Place Ads at the Right Time

Pay attention to the right time to place advertisements. Find out the price trend of motorbikes some time before starting to sell. Avoid delaying too long, as the prices of used goods tend to decrease over time.

7. Make transactions carefully

When making a transaction, choose a safe and busy place to meet potential buyers. Avoid secluded places and gatherings at night. Transact carefully to avoid the risk of crime or fraud.

By following the tips above, you can increase the chances of your used motorbike selling quickly. Prepare everything well and ensure safe transactions for a successful sales experience.

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