Saturday 30 December 2023

Tajir Lesti Kejora vs Raffi Ahmad Fight: Rizky Billar`s Wife Is Rated More Than Sultan Gegara Super Luxurious Children`s Birthday Souvenir


Lesti Kejora is said to have become a sultan artist because she succeeded in throwing a luxurious birthday party for her son Levian Al Fatih aka Abang L. One thing that stole attention was the contents of the birthday souvenirs that were distributed to the guests.

Many people have praised Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar on social media for giving souvenirs with various contents, from food to toys. The couple is said to have given more luxurious birthday souvenirs than artists nicknamed sultans in Indonesia.

Netizens even compared him to Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina who were the talk of Rayyanza `Cipung`’s birthday some time ago. The reason was that at that time, Rayyanza’s birthday souvenir was considered too simple for artists in the class of Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, nicknamed Sultan Andara.

Rizky Billar, Abang L, and Lesti Kejora. (Instagram/rizkybillar) It is known that Brother L’s birthday souvenir contained special baby care equipment from the Moell brand. Guests received a box containing shampoo, body lotion, body wash, hair lotion, and multipurpose balm which can be used to care for sensitive baby skin.

Not only that, Lesti and Billar also gave goodie bags containing towels, basreng snacks, toy cars, drinking tumblrs, and even perfume.

On the other hand, Rayyanza’s birthday souvenir was sneered at because it was considered inappropriate for her parents’ wealth. Because it contains a coloring book, colored pencils, a drinking bottle and some snacks.

Judging from the total wealth of Lesti Kejora and Raffi Ahmad, who is the richer between the two of them?

Lesti Kejora’s wealth

Lesti Kejora began her career as a national dangdut singer after winning the Dangdut Academy competition on private television in 2014. At that time, he was only 15 years old. Even so, since then Lesti has immediately become known as the most popular dangdut singer in the country.

He continued to receive various job offers. Apart from her singing job, Lesti has also acted in soap operas and FTV. Also has been a commercial star several times.

After 8 years have passed, Lesti has now become a Indonesian dangdut diva with a fee for one gig reportedly reaching IDR 400 million. Apart from gig fees, it is still possible for Lesti to earn income from endorsements on social media, YouTube Adsense, and her cosmetics business. It is not surprising that the dandut singer from Cianjur can pocket wealth of up to tens of billions per year.

Raffi Ahmad’s wealth

Raffi Ahmad also started his career as an artist when he was a teenager in the early 2000s. He is known as a multitalented artist because he can act, be a presenter, and even join the singing group Not Ordinary Stars (BBB) ​​created by Melly Goeslaw.

After marrying Nagita Slavina, Raffi Ahmad further expanded his business line under the name RANS.

Raffi Ahmad can also earn tens of billions of rupiah, but in one month. This income is only obtained from RANS Entertainment’s YouTube adsense.

The company that tracks social media statistics and analytics, namely Social Blade, estimates that RANS’s annual revenue from YouTube is in the range of US$ 610.2 thousand to US$ 9.8 million or the equivalent of IDR 8.77 billion to IDR 140.87 billion .

Meanwhile, on a monthly basis, RANS’ income from YouTube is in the range of US$ 50.9 thousand to US$ 813.6 thousand or around Rp. 731.69 million to Rp. 11.7 billion.

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