Thursday 28 December 2023

Taking a Selfie While Carrying a Zara Paper Bag, Starrisya Andhita, Deputy Chief of Police, Immediately Makes This Clarification


Deputy Chief of Police, Commissioner General Pol Agus Andrianto, has two daughters who are currently teenagers. Her first daughter, Starrisya Andhita, is now 16 years old and is starting to become known as a celebrity. Moreover, after the teenager was chosen as the Favorite Cover Girl 2023.

Komjen Agus himself actually has three children. His first child was a boy and continued in his footsteps as a police officer. Meanwhile Starrisya seems interested in the world of modeling.

The high school student at Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) often shares photos of himself on Instagram, which has 57.6 thousand followers.

However, this latest photo of him has caused a bit of controversy. The reason is, Starrisya uploaded a selfie photo of herself while carrying a paper bag from the Zara brand.

In fact, the Spanish brand is one that is being boycotted by the world community, including Indonesia, due to its support for Israel attacking Palestine.

Seen in her upload, Starrisya seems to have just shopped for clothes from this brand. You could see it from the paper bag he was carrying. As well as the location for taking selfies that look like they were done in the lobby of a mall.

Starrisya also wrote in the caption that she had just given herself a gift.

“#self reward,” wrote Starissya in the caption of her post, quoted on Thursday (28/12/2023).

Starrisya Andhita Selfie While Carrying a Zara Paper Bag. (Instagram/@starrisyaaaa) As if aware that her photo could cause controversy and misunderstanding, Starrisya immediately made a clarification via the comments column that she pinned herself. He wrote that the photo was taken when he didn’t understand the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

He made this clarification on his own initiative, even though no netizens actually commented on the paper bag in his hand, so far the post had been uploaded for 3 hours.

Starrisya also keeps her profile and comments column public. Meanwhile, anyone can write comments on their posts even if they don’t follow their account.

“Regarding the z*ra paperbag, this is a photo I took at the beginning of December before I knew about the problem, aka stock photo. Sorry for the misunderstanding,” wrote Starrisya in the comments column.

Starrisya’s clarification was immediately liked by 131 accounts, although no one else has responded to it.

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