Sunday 31 December 2023

Tips for safely filling petrol at gas stations, don`t ignore them


Coming to a gas station to fill up on fuel such as petrol and the like has become a common thing for vehicle owners.

However, of course vehicle owners should not be careless when they want to fill up with fuel. This is because fuels such as gasoline and the like are flammable.

Vehicle owners, especially cars, must know tips for safely filling petrol when at the gas station. There are at least 5 tips from Carro Indonesia that you can apply to stay safe.

Illustration of a car filling up with petrol. (Pexels/Erik Mclean) 1. Know the location of the fuel tank

Before filling up with petrol, the car driver must know where the tank is. This is so that cars can fill up with fuel easily and safely.

To find out, just look at the direction of the arrow on the fuel volume indicator panel on our car’s dashboard.

2. Turn off the vehicle when filling petrol

When filling petrol, of course the vehicle engine must be in the off position. Not a few car drivers ignore this trivial thing.

If you fill up with petrol while the engine is running, it can cause a fire.

3. Observe the initial fuel volume

Cars must know the position of the petrol indicator before filling at the gas station. This is to check whether the gas station fills in accordance with what the carer paid.

4. Avoid using a cell phone when filling up

Although there is still debate about whether using a cell phone is dangerous or not when filling up with fuel at gas stations, we still recommend avoiding using it.

The reason is, using a cellphone while charging can cause fires to both the car and the gas station dispenser.

5. There is no need to get out of the car but still don’t be careless

When filling up with fuel at a gas station, the car driver is not required to get out of the vehicle, but it is recommended not to be careless.

Keep observing fuel filling and surrounding conditions. Don’t hesitate to notify the gas station officer if you find anything that could endanger the fuel filling process.

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