Thursday 28 December 2023

A row of men who were married to Fuji after breaking up, from Asnawi Mangkualam to Gonzalo Al-Ghazali


After breaking up with Tariq Halilintar in January 2023, until now Fuji still chooses to be alone because he hasn’t found the right person. However, throughout 2023, Fuji himself is often matched by several different men by his fans.

When Fuji was seen spending time together, he was always considered suitable until they finally got married. In fact, his fans also didn’t hesitate to create a Fuji shipper account with the man they were dating.

It was recorded that in 2023, there were already several men who had arranged marriages, but had not yet become real partners. So who are the figures that fans have paired with Fuji? Check out some of the portraits below.

1. El Rumi

After breaking up with Thariq Halilintar, Fuji was betrothed to the son of Maia Estianty and Ahmad Dhani, namely El Rumi. Their match began when El Rumi and Fuji attended an event together. This is what makes the two of them considered cute and finally they get married. However, Fuji made a statement that he no longer wanted to be in an arranged marriage.

2. Fadil Jaidi

Fadil Jaidi’s name is also included in the list of figures that netizens have matched with Fuji. The two of them were matched because they often created content together. Because he was considered suitable, Fuji was prayed for a match with Fadil Jaidi. However, this match did not continue, while Fuji and Fadil Jaidi remained good friends.

3. Austin Alexander

Austin Alexander is also a figure who was once matched with Fuji. Diah Permatasari’s niece was betrothed to Fuji after the two of them got to know each other in Bali. However, this match also failed because Austin Alexander was known to already have a partner.

4. Athalla Naufal

Fuji was also matched by his fans with Athalla Naufal. The two of them were betrothed when they attended a sporting event together. Because they looked close, Fuji and Verrel Bramasta’s younger brother were betrothed to each other. However, Athalla Naufal clarified that their relationship was only friends.

5. Asnawi Mangkualam

The relationship between Fuji and Asnawi Mangkualam was stirred up some time ago. This is because the two of them were seen having dinner together. In fact, the Indonesian national team player also sent expensive bracelets and flower bouquets on Fuji’s birthday.

However, after trying to approach (PDKT), the two of them felt they were not compatible so they decided to be friends. This was acknowledged directly by Fuji and Asnawi Mangkualam during a live broadcast some time ago. Meanwhile, Asnawi Mangkualam is now rumored to be with Steffi Zamora.

6. Gonzalo Al-Ghazali

Gonzalo Al-Ghazali’s name recently went viral after being matched with Fuji. This is because the two of them were seen creating content together at the house of skincare entrepreneur Bebwhite C, Citra Insani, who is also the mother of Gonzalo Al-Ghazali. Not only that, his face, which resembles the late Bibi Ardiansyah, makes Fuji considered suitable for Gonzalo Al-Ghazali. Even the mother, Citra Insani, also matched her son with Fuji.

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