Saturday 30 December 2023

Ira Nandha Cheated on, Sister Installs Ulti Elmer Syaherman`s Body: Can It Really Be That Hot?


The affair scandal between TikTok celebrity Ira Nandha’s husband, Elmer Syaherman, and a flight attendant is still a hot topic of public discussion.

Many people were then furious with the behavior of this man who works as a pilot. The reason is, he was caught cheating on him 6 times by his wife.

Through Ira Nandha’s Instagram upload, it was discovered that Elmer Syaherman had been caught cheating 6 times. 4 times with a flight attendant and once with a different person.

Not only netizens, Ira Nandha’s younger brother apparently also got angry. Through his TikTok account, Iqbal Mustakim uploaded content that offended his brother-in-law’s behavior.

“You can be that excited,” wrote @/iqbalmustakim quoted Saturday (30/12/2023).

Ira Nandha and Elmer Syaherman (Instagram/iranndha) In his upload, Iqbal Mustakim uploaded 2 photo slides. The first photo is a picture of his nephew, aka Ira Nanda’s son, Kavi Ibrahim Syaherman.

Then, the second slide contains a photo of Iqbal Mustakim which was edited in the middle of a discord conversation between Elmer Syaherman and his mistress.

This upload by Elmer Syaherman’s brother-in-law immediately attracted attention from the public. Various comments were made by netizens when they saw the upload.

“Immediately cheated by his younger brother, Njir. His younger brother is a policeman again,” commented the netizen.

“Wkwkwk, Ongki is confused about whether to be sad or laugh first,” said another netizen.

“Buset Ongki,” added another.

“Diulti by his younger brother,” said another netizen.

“Well, I like this kind of fun. Keep it up, Ongki,” added another.

“Wow, his brother-in-law immediately used the template,” commented another netizen.

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