Saturday 30 December 2023

5 OOTD Portraits of Artist Families on Holiday Abroad, From Raffi Ahmad to Sule, Which is More Exciting?


The end of 2023 coincides with school holidays, as a result many artist families go on holiday abroad because they are considered more comfortable. Let’s take a look at the photos!

Portraits of artists’ families on holiday abroad at the end of the year are increasingly filling social media timelines. Moreover, this artist’s family’s outfit of the day, aka OOTD, tends to be contemporary and trendy because they are guests in someone else’s country.

The following is a summary of the OOTD portrait of the artist’s family on holiday abroad at the end of 2023, which was successfully summarized, Saturday (30/12/2023).

1. Ayudia’s family in Japan

During the school holidays, Ayudia Bing Slamet and Ditto Percussion didn’t want to miss traveling with Sekala Bumi to Japan to play jetski in the snow.

The three of them had fun taking photos with complete ski equipment. Including Sekala, who is enjoying the moment with her parents. In fact, according to Ditto, his only child is already smart at styling in front of the camera.

2. Raffi Ahmad’s family in Paris

Even though he is known as a busy person, Raffi finds time to take his family to the most romantic city in the world, namely Paris. Seen in the photo, Nagita Slavina, Rafathar Malik Ahmad and Rayyanza Malik Ahmad are also wearing winter OOTDs with the iconic Eiffel Tower in the background.

3. Aurel Hermansyah’s family in South Korea

Even though she only gave birth a few months ago, it didn’t stop Aurel from going on a family holiday abroad, and even brought her two children Ameena Nur Atta and Azzura Humaira along.

In one of the portraits, Aurel, Atta Halilintar and Ameena are seen together wearing long outer winter OOTDs with adorable abstract motifs with the city of Gangnam, South Korea in the background.

4. Sule’s family in Switzerland

Comedian Sule and his four children had a great year-end holiday in Switzerland and had fun taking photos with the snowy Alps in the background. Even in the portrait, Mahalini, Rizky Febian’s fiancé, looks close to Sule’s family.

The five of them looked cool wearing winter OOTDs, from thick jackets to beanies which made them look like foreign tourists because in that country no one knew them.

5. Andhika Pratama’s family in Japan

Celebrating moments of togetherness, Andhika Pratama and Ussy Sulistiawaty brought their five children together for a holiday to Japan to enjoy the view of snow with cold air of almost -5 degrees Celsius.

Even so, Ussy said that her five children looked happy playing in the snow and spending the school holidays together. What’s even unique is that Ussy has several times created TikTok content with various themes with her children.

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