Sunday 31 December 2023

What makes a car`s steering wheel turn the same?


Uneven rotation of the steering wheel is a problem that can interfere with comfort and safety when driving. Several factors can be the main cause of this imbalance.

According to the official Daihatsu website, the following are the causes of unequal car steering wheel rotation.

1. Damage to Car Steering System Components

Damage to car steering system components can be the main cause of unbalanced steering wheel rotation.

Components such as a damaged belt and power steering pump can reduce steering performance, while damage to the long tie rod or steer rack can cause the steering wheel to turn one-sided.

2. Reduced Power Steering Fluid

Car steering wheel rotation can also be affected if the fluid in the power steering system decreases. The power steering system is divided into two types, namely EPS (Electronic Power Steering) and HPS (Hydraulic Power Steering).

In HPS, fluid leaks or reduction can cause the steering to become heavy and unbalanced.

3. Replacing Car Steering System Components

If you have ever replaced car steering system components, such as tie rods, long tie rods, or steer racks, this could also be the cause of unbalanced steering rotation.

It is important to ensure that the components used are original and comply with the car’s specifications.

4. Problems with the Braking System

Unbalanced steering wheel rotation can also be caused by problems with the car’s braking system. Dirty or worn brake linings, leaking brake pistons, or sticky braking components can affect the balance of steering wheel rotation.

5. Inappropriate Front Wheel Alignment (FWA)

Inappropriate Front Wheel Alignment (FWA) can be a factor causing unbalanced steering wheel rotation.

FWA is the arrangement of the front wheels of a car which plays a key role in controlling the wheels and maintaining steering balance.

Carrying out regular checks on all the components above and carrying out proper maintenance can help prevent and overcome the problem of unbalanced steering wheel rotation. J

If you experience these symptoms, immediately consult a competent repair shop or mechanic to get the right solution.

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