Saturday 30 December 2023

Viral: Dozens of cars submerged in floods in apartment basements, this ritual must be carried out


Viral incident where dozens of cars were flooded in the basement of the Serpong Garden apartment, Cisauk on Wednesday (26/12/2023).

A number of car owners have to make extra efforts to save their vehicles from water entering the car cabin.

When facing conditions like this, car owners must know the rituals that must be carried out so that their vehicle is maintained in good condition.

The following are several rituals that car owners must carry out as reported by Auto2000.

Illustration of a car submerged in floodwater. [Shutterstock] 1. Don’t start the car engine

Avoid starting the engine when the car is flooded. This is because the vehicle engine may be affected by water hammer.

2. Disconnect the battery cables and be careful when checking car components

The car will avoid the risk of short circuits, aka electrical short circuits which can damage electrical components if the cables are removed from the battery head. However, if this is not possible, the car battery cable does not need to be removed.

Ignition components such as spark plugs, air filter, coil, alternator, as well as cables and connections are prone to damage if exposed to flooding.

Be careful when checking the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) because it is very sensitive and has the risk of fatal damage.

3. Take the car to a safe place

The car can be pushed to a safer location, but don’t force it if the conditions are dangerous, such as strong water currents or too high a flood.

4. Check the condition of the engine oil

Pay attention to the water level by looking at the traces in the engine room. If you cross the boundary of the transmission house, there is the potential for the car engine to be flooded. Check the condition of the engine oil via the dipstick.

If the color changes to brown, it means water has entered the engine room.

5. Call Emergency Service

Last option, the owner may be able to contact an emergency call from an authorized dealer. This can be done so that the owner is more confident that the car is receiving proper handling.

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