Friday 29 December 2023

Don`t panic, here are tips when you run out of E-Toll balance on the toll road


When crossing a toll road, of course you need a sufficient balance of electronic money or E-Toll. If not, then cars will not be able to pass on the toll road due to a lack of balance.

This also causes problems when there are long queues at toll gates. Moreover, if you meet impatient drivers, you will definitely get into a fight at the toll gate.

To avoid this, of course the car driver must know the remaining balance on E-Toll. If you feel it’s not enough, you can top up your E-Toll balance first.

So what happens if you pass through the E-Toll but your balance is low or even low?

Here are 4 tips that car drivers can do when this happens, reported by BPTJ.

1. Press the help button

The first step a car driver can take is by pressing the help button at the toll payment gate.

This button is located next to the receipt button. Later, officers will come and help fill in the insufficient toll balance.

2. Ask the Officer for Help

After the officer arrives, the car driver can ask for help to top up the E-Toll balance. Most likely the officer will help top up the E-Toll or ask to pay in cash.

3. Top Up on Smartphone

On smartphones that are equipped with the Near Field Communication or NFC feature, cars can top up.

If you tap payment at the toll gate and your balance runs out, immediately top up your E-Toll balance to prevent long queues.

4. Top Up at Minimarket

If your car’s smartphone is not equipped with the NFC feature, you can still top up your E-Toll balance at minimarkets scattered in rest areas along the toll road.

As a reminder, never use a different E-Toll card when crossing toll roads. This means that when tapping at the entrance or exit toll gate you must use the same E-Toll card.

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