Saturday 30 December 2023

Calling Anies Baswedan Imam Mahdi, it turns out this is Abah Aos`s sect


The figure of Abah Aos has recently become the talk of netizens because he calls Anies Baswedan the Imam Mahdi.

Apart from that, Abah Aos also asked his student named Eka Anugrah to help candidate pair 01 Anies Baswedan and Muhaimin Iskandar.

Eka Anugrah, who obeyed the words of his spiritual teacher, immediately expressed support for the AMIN couple.

In fact, Eka handed over 100 cars to the AMIN campaign team as a form of obedience to the teacher.

The viral news brought the figure of Abah Aos to the public’s attention so that quite a few were curious about Abah Aos’ profile and flow.

Profile and Flow of Abah Aos

Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Saefulloh Maslul or more familiarly known as Abah Aos is an elderly cleric from Tanah Pasundan.

Abah Aos is the son of the Kh couple. Ibrahim and Hj. Siti Musinjau was born on August 4 1944 in Panjalu, Ciamis Regency.

It is known that Abah Aos is a Sufi cleric who is the 38th murshid of the Thoriqoh Qodiriyyah Naqsyabandiyyah (TQN) of the Suryalaya Islamic Boarding School.

Since childhood, Abah Aos has received religious knowledge at the Gegempalan Islamic boarding school which at that time was taken care of by KH. Iskandar Zainal Arifin.

Abah Aos is known as a scholar who is intelligent and persistent in learning. So, after only 8 years of studying at Gegempalan, Abah Aos has already mastered the various knowledge taught by his teacher.

In fact, it was reported that Abah Aos could overtake other senior students in the areas of understanding and memorization.

From there, the teacher saw the potential and talent that Abah Aos possessed. Then, the teacher sent him to the Cintawana Tasikmalaya Islamic boarding school led by KH. Farid sobbed.

Abah Aos, who moved to a boarding school, deepened his religious knowledge. After boarding school, Abah Aos then married Hj. Rosliani Hasnah.

After getting married, Abah Aos and Hj. Rosliani Hasnah founded the Al-Ishlah Islamic boarding school at a young age, namely 24 years.

Gradually, the Islamic boarding school developed and changed its name to the Sirnarasa Islamic boarding school. Increasingly famous and followed by many congregations, Abah Aos received a new nickname, namely Pangersa Abah Aos.

Not only from ordinary circles, Abah Aos’ followers also come from public figures, officials and businessmen.

Currently Abah Aos’ name is in the spotlight because he asked his student Eka Anugrah to support the AMIN couple.

Then, Abah Aos also mentioned that the figure of Anies Baswedan was Imam Mahdi, which caused various reactions from netizens on social media.

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