Saturday 30 December 2023

Moeldoko does not accept being accused of defending the interests of one electric car brand


Chairman of the Indonesian Electric Vehicle Industry Association (Periklindo), Moeldoko complained about Tempo magazine to the Press Council because he was accused of defending the interests of one of the brands of electric cars sold in Indonesia.

According to Moeldoko, the magazine, which was previously known to be critical, made inconsequential opinions and instead accused itself of defending the interests of one brand.

“In Indonesia there are various brands of electric cars. Of these brands there are several types of chargers used. One of them is CCS2 which has received the SNI label. Meanwhile there are also electric cars that use GBT chargers,” wrote Moeldoko in his upload, quoted Friday (29/12/2023).

Furthermore, Moeldoko emphasized that, as chairman of Periklindo, he was trying to accommodate members’ needs by submitting a letter of application so that GBT chargers could also obtain SNI eligibility.

The goal is to protect the tens of thousands of current electric car owners who use GBT chargers.

But Tempo is leading the opinion that there are no other models of chargers and only one type of charger.

“Surprisingly, Tempo Magazine even accused me of being unfair,” he said.

Furthermore, Moeldoko gave an idea, imagine if in the future a new type of charger is discovered that is more sophisticated, safe and super fast in charging.

Then, as an Association, we proposed that standardization be carried out according to SNI, would it be said to be unfair.

“Why is it that a magazine that was previously known for being open to differences of opinion has become authoritarian? It only defends the interests of one industry, and closes down opportunities for other industries to develop,” concluded Moeldoko.

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