Thursday 28 December 2023

What is Alshad Ahmad`s father`s job? You can have a luxury house worth IDR 300 billion


Alshad Ahmad’s family owns a luxury house in the Bandung area, West Java worth IDR 300 billion. This made the public curious about the work of Alshad Ahmad’s father, Mansyur Ahmad.

Alshad Ahmad’s house is known to be in the process of being sold. This information is known from Alshad Ahmad TV’s recent YouTube video.

In this broadcast, Alshad Ahmad invites his father to show every corner of their luxury house. He also explained that his family was selling the house.

Returning to Mansyur Ahmad’s work, information about this has already been conveyed by Alshad Ahmad. This man of Sundanese blood apparently has a flashy career.

Alshad Ahmad’s family (Instagram/@citrasadiqah) What does Alshad Ahmad’s father, Mansyur Ahmad, do?

Mansyur Ahmad comes from a well-to-do family. Mansyur Ahmad’s father is known to be a rich merchant and preacher from Pakistan named Malik Aziz Ahmad Khan.

It is not surprising that Raffi Ahmad’s father’s older brother has abundant assets. Moreover, he also has another job which makes his money even bigger.

Mansyur Ahmad previously worked as a tax accountant. No joke, Tarra Budiman’s father-in-law has been involved in the world of taxes for 11 years.

After withdrawing from the world of taxation, Mansyur Ahmad tried his luck by working in a private company. At that time he was an employee at Tommy Soeharto’s company.

Hotman Paris at Alshad Ahmad’s house (YouTube Melaney Ricardo) “My father struggled from scratch. He used to work in tax. After that he moved to work in a private company, in Tommy Soeharto’s company,” said Alshad Ahmad, quoted from YouTube Denny Sumargo on Friday (29/12/2023).

Apart from working in an office, Mansyur Ahmad also makes money by buying and selling property in the form of land and houses. Alshad Ahmad admitted that this business brought in a lot of money for his father.

“So he bought land, made it into a house, then sold it. That’s quite a big profit because he has good luck there. You can get cheap land, the selling price can be high,” he added.

This is a review of the work of Alshad Ahmad’s father, who owns a house of IDR 300 billion and is nicknamed the Sultan of Bandung. Hope it is useful!

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