Thursday 28 December 2023

Accompanying Azizah Salsha in England, Ammar Tsaqif turns out to still be in high school


The figure of Ammar Tsaqif attracted attention after he was caught accompanying Azizah Salsha who was on holiday in England. Amar Tsaqif is seen taking a photo with Pratama Arhan’s wife.

Ammar Tsaqif spent time with Azizah Salsha when they both watched the Premier League match between Manchester United vs Aston Villa at Old Trafford.

Azizah Salsha shared a photo of herself with Ammar Tsaqif with a stadium atmosphere in the background, via her personal Instagram account.

Not only the two of them, they also took photos with two small children. Since then, the figure of Ammar Tsaqif has received attention.

So who is Ammar Tsaqif?

Azizah Salsha and Ammar Tsaqif. (Instagram/@azizahsalsha_) Ammar Tsaqif is Azizah Salsha’s younger brother. He is the second child of politician Andre Roaside and Nurul Anastasia.

Currently, Ammar Tsaqif is still studying at high school. He is known to be a grade 12 student at Sinar Scholar Islamic High School in South Tangerang.

Unlike his older brother, Ammar Tsaqif tends to be closed. He has Instagram with 49.7 followers but doesn’t post any photos at all on his social media feed.

Ammar Tsaqif has an interest in the world of football like his brother-in-law, Pratama Arhan. This figure of Minangkabau descent also plays futsal and often watches live football matches at the stadium.

Ammar Tsaqif is also close to his older brother Azizah Salsha. They often show off their intimate moments together.

Short biodata of Ammar Tsaqif:

Full Name: Muhammad Ammar Tsaqif Rosiade

Nickname: Ammar

Occupation: Student

School: Sinar Scholar Islamic High School 

Hobby: Football

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