Sunday 31 December 2023

Only 150 units in the world, this cafe racer motorbike will be hotly contested


This limited edition Motorcafe Racer will be a hot topic for potential consumers. This is because the units are limited, only 150 units.

The motorbike is the GPX GTM250R. This Thai-manufactured motorbike was released to make potential consumers curious about why only 150 units were produced in the world.

Reporting from Rideapart, this cafe racer motorbike was deliberately made for the Japanese market. There are 3 color choices available, namely black red, black yellow and black silver.

Just like other cafe racers, this motorbike uses a round headlight and there is no seat for a pillion because it is closed. Then the footstep position is made high and leaning backwards.

This motorbike can of course be used for general roads because it is equipped with mirrors mounted at the end of the handlebars and also turn signals on the front and rear.

GPX GTM250R (Ridepart) In the undercarriage sector, the front suspension is upside down with a fairly large black tube, and attached to a small fender. At the rear it is supported by a swing arm with a monoshock.

For the engine, this motorbike is equipped with a single cylinder engine with a capacity of 250 cc. With this engine, this motorbike is capable of producing up to 20.4 hp.

This cafe racer motorbike is sold in the Japanese market at a price of 566.5 thousand Yen or the equivalent of IDR 60 million. This motorbike was also only sold in 150 units in the world.

Of course, potential consumers will compete to get this cafe racer motorbike.

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