Thursday 28 December 2023

Alshad Ahmad`s Parents Sell House for IDR 300 Billion, Raffi Ahmad Potentially Makes a Profit


The news that Alshad Ahmad’s parents are selling their luxury house for Rp. 300 billion is back in the spotlight. Raffi Ahmad was also dragged away.

Recently, Alshad Ahmad showed a portrait of his parents’ house which was for sale. The 3,500 square meter house has a variety of attractive facilities and is being sold at a fantastic price.

Apparently, Alshad Ahmad’s father, Mansyur Ahmad, had long had the intention of selling his luxury house. Mansyur Ahmad said that the proceeds from the sale of the house would be used as capital to build a zoo managed by his son.

After investigating, Alshad Ahmad’s parents’ luxury home has been promoted three years ago. Raffi Ahmad mentioned it.

Raffi Ahmad, who is none other than Alshad Ahmad’s cousin, announced the sale of this house via the YouTube channel. Raffi Ahmad even asked Mansyur Ahmad for a commission or fee, whom he called Wak Uung.

“Wak Uung, if someone buys Rp. 300 billion, let’s go? Afi advertise it but for 50 M [billion],” said Raffi Ahmad in 2020 as quoted by Rans Entertainment.

Raffi Ahmad with Alshad Ahmad’s father, Mansyur Ahmad. (YouTube/Rans Entertainment) Hearing the commission his nephew asked for, Mansyur Ahmad did not accept it. He tried to bid lower

“There’s no [fee 5 M], it’s 2 percent, other people [only] 1.5 percent,” he replied.

Raffi Ahmad then tried to calculate, “How much is 2 percent of 300 M? Ah, don’t say 6 M, I don’t want to,” said Nagita Slavina’s husband.

Because Raffi Ahmad rejected the commission he offered, Mansyur Ahmad also mentioned another nominal amount. Alshad Ahmad’s father admitted that he was ready to give more commission as long as Raffi also sold the house at a higher price.

“Okay, that’s 25 M, but the sales must be 325 M,” said Mansyur Ahmad.

“The problem is that the longer it takes, the older the house will be. Because this house will become heritage,” he concluded.

At the end of the chat, Raffi Ahmad shook hands with Mansyur Ahmad as a sign of agreement.

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