Friday 29 December 2023

Kawasaki is ready to launch another hybrid motorbike, here`s the leak


A new patent reveals that Kawasaki is developing a hybrid motorcycle based on the Versys touring model.

Quoted from Visordown, the hybrid power unit replaces the regular internal combustion motor found on the standard Versys.

This new motorbike is similar to Kawasaki’s existing hybrid models, namely the Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z 7 Hybrid. The Kawasaki `Versys Hybrid` will differ significantly from current part-electric models, as it will feature

A 9kW electric motor working alongside a 451cc parallel twin cylinder combustion engine. Unlike the Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z 7 Hybrid, which fall into the sport and naked categories respectively, and don’t necessarily prioritize long-distance driving, the touring segment places greater emphasis on this aspect.

The advantage of a hybrid compared to a regular electric motorbike is its ability to continue running after the battery runs out. Maintaining good performance on the road is much more assured with a traditional power unit, which supplies power effectively from a single source to the rear wheels.

The Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z 7 Hybrid from Kawasaki use a 1.4kWh battery. While it doesn’t seem suited to long-distance riding alone, it supplies 69bhp to the rear wheels when combined with the 451cc parallel twin engine.

This power is slightly greater, but not significantly greater, compared to the power produced by the Versys 650 which is only 66bhp.

Kawasaki has not committed to replacing the combustion model with a hybrid with similar performance. However, if the hybrid Versys proves effective over longer distances (Kawasaki claims the same fuel consumption as the 250cc of its two existing hybrid bikes), it’s possible the Versys 650 could be replaced.

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