Saturday 30 December 2023

Called Having a Complete Love Language, Take Another Peek at the Moment Anies Baswedan Telatan Tuntun Mutiara Baswedan during Marriage


Recently Mutiara Baswedan’s confession went viral that as a father, Anies Baswedan has a complete love language for his child. This confession was conveyed by Anies Baswedan’s first child, who is familiarly called Tia.

The woman who often calls her father Abah said that Anies often carries out physical touch, acts of service, quality time, receiving gifts, and even words of affirmation to his four children.

“Abah, this is complete love language. When you come home from work, I like to wait for you, I can get quality time. Then I can get both words of affirmation. Occasionally I like to say I’m proud of you, as a child “That’s not bad,” said Tia enthusiastically, via an upload @shosorrylobve on Twitter quoted on Saturday (30/12/2023).

Tia further said that Anies has quite close physical touch with his children. Plus, Anies also often brings gifts to his children after returning home from work or after traveling.

The video footage of Mutiara Baswedan went viral, after in the Live TikTok session Anies responded warmly to the story of a child who no longer had a father, and wanted to make Anies a replacement father figure.

“Sir, I don’t have a father and I love to get you as a father figure,” asked a netizen in the comments.

“Ou..Yea I’m sorry to hear, I’m happy to be able to share. And if there’s anything I can do, yeah, like chatting here, Let me know,” answered Anies, who was said to be very warm and close to his heart. .

The Moment Anies Baswedan Painstakingly Guides Mutiara Baswedan

Meanwhile, the fact that Anies is close to his child seems to be true. The reason is that long before the 2024 presidential election contest, or to be precise in July 2022, when he was still serving as Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies was caught diligently leading Mutiara Baswedan to the wedding hall.

To be precise, on July 30 2022, Mutiara Baswedan and Ali Saleh Alhuraiby held a wedding reception at  Putri Duyung Resort, Ancol.

But on the sidelines of the evening event, when the bride changed into her wedding dress and had to return to the building to continue the event,  witnessed directly Anies was seen painstakingly leading his daughter to walk slowly.

At that time Mutiara Baswedan seemed to have difficulty walking because of her long wedding dress and veil. But Anies seemed patient and loving in guiding his daughter, even though he had to walk around the back of the building.

This scene was quite unique, because instead of being accompanied by her husband because Mutiara was legally his wife, it was Anies who chose to accompany her daughter into the wedding hall through the back door.

Even after that, Mutiara’s husband was seen walking with his mother. Followed by a group of Anies Baswedan’s wife, Fery Farhati and Mutiara’s younger siblings, who were seen riding in an open car provided by Putri Duyung Resort towards the wedding hall.

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