Thursday 28 December 2023

What is Nepo Baby? Foreign Media Nickname for Gibran Rakabuming Raka


Vice presidential candidate number 2, Gibran Rakabuming Raka received the nickname “nepo baby” from foreign media Al Jazeera. This nickname can be seen in the article entitled “Indonesian leader’s son brushes off ‘nepo baby’ tah in feted debate showing”.

No joke, Al Jazeera in its article wrote that President Jokowi’s son is the most controversial cawapres candidate in the history of Indonesian politics. Including being a nepo baby.

So, what is the meaning of nepo baby directed at Gibran? Check out the complete information below.

Nepo baby is short for nepotism baby or nepotism baby. Usually this nickname is used to label people who are considered to have brilliant careers because of the “help” of the fame of their parents’ or family’s names.

It turns out that the term nepo baby is not only famous in the world of politics, but also in the world of entertainment. In the entertainment industry, nepo babies are usually attached to celebrity children who are successful thanks to their parents.

Nepo baby celebrity parents not only have famous names, but also often help their children gain connections in the world of entertainment and become successful.

According to the Collins Big English Dictionary, nepo is short for nepotism, which means ‘unfair use of power to obtain work or other benefits for family or friends.’

In other sources it is stated that nepo baby refers to a privilege that can be accepted by public figures, where they are considered to be carrying on the big name of their parents or previous family.

Highlights from Foreign Media

The Qatar-based media discussed the controversial way Gibran qualified to become vice presidential candidate. Starting from his status as the child of the number one person in Indonesia to the Constitutional Court’s decision to change the age limit for presidential and vice presidential candidates made by his uncle.

Apart from that, Prabowo Subianto’s vice presidential candidate is also accused of implementing dynastic political practices, following his father who has been in power and led the Republic of Indonesia for two terms.

In the article, Al Jazeera also discusses how Gibran is considered successful in breaking the opinion of those who look down on him, especially in the first vice presidential debate.

Gibran’s performance in the first vice presidential debate was considered to have exceeded expectations. Several political observers interviewed by Al Jazeera even considered Gibran to be very prepared, and had succeeded in proving his understanding of economic issues, more than his two more senior opponents.

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