Saturday 30 December 2023

Anies Baswedan`s Love Language Revealed by His Own Child, Netizens Immediately Envy: Fatherless People Let`s Get Closer


Anies Baswedan is known to be close to his five children. So close to his family, Anies’ eldest child, Mutiara Baswedan, revealed that his father could express his feelings of affection using all the languages ​​of love.

Recently, Mutiara Baswedan exposed Anies’ habit of showing affection. Even though Anies is increasingly busy as a politician, Mutiara said that Abah, as Anies is known to his children, always remembers his family.

“Abah has complete love language. You get quality time, when you come home from work, I like to wait. And secondly, you get words of affirmation. Every now and then I like to say ‘I’m proud of you’. As “That child is not bad, you know,” said Mutiara at an event, quoted from video footage distributed by the @shosorrylove account on social media X, Sunday (31/12/2023).

Mutiara’s statement immediately made Anies, who was sitting in front of her, blush. And accompanied by applause from the audience. The 26 year old woman continued that her father also had a love language in the form of physical touch or giving touch.

“Abah and his children are very close,” said Mutiara, who Anies immediately responded with a hug.

Furthermore, Anies is also said to often give gifts to his children after returning from a trip. This action is known as a form of love language in the form of receiving gifts.

“And also, usually when my father goes on a trip, he usually comes home with gifts. Snacks for the children. So that’s complete, father,” concluded Mutiara.

The video footage immediately caught the attention of netizens on X until it was watched by more than 57.3 thousand in one day. Anies’ closeness to Mutiara has also made many netizens jealous of the harmonious relationship between father and daughter.

As a result, a number of netizens who felt lost in the role of fathers or fatherless people also gathered in the comments column.

“Fatherless people, let’s get together,” commented netizen with the account @cahayxxxxxx.

“Really father figure material for those who have father issues,” said the account @FRinxxxxxx.

“I’m jealous I said it out loud,” wrote netizen @Bahagxxxxx.

“Even if we don’t get that from our parents, we can be like Mr. Anies for our children in the future,” said @ZAflxxxxx.

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