Friday 29 December 2023

Get to know Nining, Cak Imin`s `savings` that attract attention


Vice Presidential candidate (cawapres) number one, Muhaimin Iskandar or often called Cak Imin, has savings called `nining`.

The savings are in the form of an old Vespa with a yellow color. Cak Imin tells the origin of why the Vespa was named Nining.

This was revealed in an upload by the TikTok account @baleamin which reposted an event entitled Point of View.

At that time, event presenter Azizah Hanum met Cak Imin who was riding a Vespa on a dark street. Then he stopped Cak Imin and asked.

“Gus Imin, is this a Vespa or a bicycle? How come there’s no sound?” said Azizah Hanum.

Cak Imin then explained that the vehicle was a Vespa that had been modified in such a way.

“This is a modification of the 1966 Vespa. Yes, these are actually junk collectors,” said Cak Imin while laughing.

The vice presidential candidate who is paired with Anies Baswedan bought a Vespa which was in a bad condition.

Then he thought about what if the Vespa was modified after being tested. Seeing the pollution coming out of the yellow motorbike, he took the initiative to make modifications by replacing the electric engine.

Cak Imin admitted that it cost IDR 35 million to make the electric machine. However, Cak Imin does not use this motorbike on public roads, but only for complex motorbikes.

He gave the name Nining because the Vespa has a dominant yellow color.

“His name is Nining, the yellow-yellow,” concluded Cak Imin.

Nining Specifications, Cak Imin’s Yellow Vespa

If you look at it at a glance, the type of motorbike used by Cak Imin is a Vespa PTS. This motorbike is equipped with a 90 cc capacity engine with a 3-speed manual transmission.

This motorbike is one of the vehicles sought after by collectors or Vespa lovers, one of whom is Cak Imin. Prices on the market also vary depending on condition.

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