Sunday 31 December 2023

Beware of Floods, These are 6 Reasons Why Motorcycles Lose Engine


For motorbike owners, engine down problems are often a frightening threat. Moreover, this condition does not only occur on motorbikes that have been around for many years, but also on motorbikes with flying hours under 60,000 km.

To understand further, here are the common causes of engine failure on motorbikes, quoted from the official Suzuki website.

1. Not changing the oil on time

The function of oil in a motorbike cannot be taken lightly. Oil not only minimizes friction in the engine, but also cools the engine temperature.

If you don’t change the oil on time, the risk of friction between engine components getting rougher, and components such as the handlebar and piston can become bent or even broken.

Change the oil regularly according to the recommended schedule to maintain engine health.

2. Routine motorbike servicing is rare

Apart from changing the oil, routine motorbike servicing is also important. Regular checks on the motorbike, including changing the oil, cleaning the air filter, and paying attention to key components, will help prevent problems that can cause engine downtime.

Service steps must be followed carefully, especially if carried out at an authorized repair shop.

3. Frequently driving through floods

The habit of driving through floods can pose serious risks to motorbike engines. Water that enters the engine and mixes with the lubricant can cause rust and scratches on the engine.

A rusty engine can cause sudden stalling while driving, and the only solution may be to downshift the engine.

4. Not Diligently Replacing Radiator Water

Radiator water plays a role in cooling the engine while it is working. If you are lazy about changing the radiator water, the engine will tend to overheat, causing serious problems such as a jamming engine.

Maintain engine temperature by diligently changing radiator water to avoid the risk of engine down.

5. Engine Modification (Bore Up)

Engine modification, especially bore up, can provide increased performance on the motorbike.

However, bore up also makes the engine work harder and engine components wear out faster.

If modifications are not carried out correctly, the risk of engine failure is very likely to occur.

6. Bad Riding

Aggressive riding habits and without paying attention to motorbike use procedures can cause the engine to work harder and components to wear out more quickly.

Paying attention to driving rules can help maintain engine health and prevent engine failure.

By understanding the causes above, you can take preventive steps to keep your motorbike engine in top condition.

Carry out regular maintenance, avoid harmful habits, and make sure the motorbike gets appropriate attention from its owner. Driving safety starts with good engine health.

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