Saturday 30 December 2023

Honda EM1 e Electric Motorcycle Charger: Sold Separately, This Is How Much It Costs


PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has launched the Honda EM1 e: and Honda EM1 e: Plus, to fill the electric motorbike segment in Indonesia.

However, it is known that AHM sells battery chargers separately. The charger, called the Honda Mobile Power Pack (HPP) e:, is tasked with charging the battery for the motorbike.

Then how much money do consumers have to spend to buy a charger for the Honda electric motorbike Honda EM1 e: and Honda EM1 e: Plus.

Marketing Director of PT AHM, Octavianus Dwi Putro, said that consumers have to pay around IDR 5-6 million for one portable charger.

Honda EM1 Electric Motorcycle e: 2024 (Avolta) “The price of our electric motorbike does not include charging. So if consumers need to charge it at home, the price (MPP) is IDR 5-6 million,” said Octavianus Dwi Putro, Friday ( 12/29/2023).

However, consumers also have other alternatives if they don’t want to buy a charger.

AHM offers the Honda Mobile Power Pack (HPP) e:, AHM with a battery swap or exchange system at several Honda e: dealers Shop.

“So there is the Honda e: Swap application. “So users can make payments through the application,” said Hisashi Murakami, President Director of HPP Energy Indonesia.

Furthermore, Hisashi said that the Honda Mobile Power Pack e battery exchange service: will be able to be utilized if Honda electric motorbike owners install a special application.

After installing the application, the motorbike owner will also be given a membership card which can be used to access Honda’s battery exchange service.

The Honda EM1 e: and EM1 e: Plus itself have gone on sale in Indonesia at a price of IDR 33 million, after receiving a subsidy of IDR 7 million from the government. This motorbike is produced at the Honda factory in Jakarta and is still only marketed in Indonesia.

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