Wednesday 20 December 2023

Unique fact! All of Deputy Chief of Police Agus Andrianto`s brothers have the name Agus, apparently this is the meaning


There is one unique fact from the Deputy Chief of Police, Agus Andrianto. It turns out that all the brothers in his family have the name Agus. As is known, before becoming a police general with abundant assets, Agus Andrianto apparently came from a simple family.

Agus was born as the 11th of 12 children born to Sukarsono and Sri Sudaryati. Sukarsono himself is a civil servant (PNS) who last served as sub-district head in Banjarejo District, Blora, then retired in 1982.

Sukarsono and Sri Sudaryati’s six sons are said to be named Agus. For example, Agus Andrianto and his younger brother, Agus Oni Setiawan. Meanwhile, the girls were given the name Sri.

Starrisya Andhita, Child of Deputy Chief of Police Agus Andrianto (Instagram/starrisyaaaa) The reason Sukarsono and Sri Sudaryati named their child Agus was because it had strong masculine nuances so it was suitable for men, while Sri was considered to have a feminine meaning.

“That’s why in the family, my brother’s nickname is Andri, not Agus. “As for Agus, all his sons have Agus,” said Agus Oni Setiawan in an interview in 2021.

So, what does the name Agus actually mean?

As is known, quoted from the site, E-KTP data states that there are around 10 million people holding the name Agus in Indonesia. There are many interpretations regarding the name Agus. Agus, who was born in August, is nicknamed “Augus Tulen”.

Agus who was born before August was nicknamed “Premature Agus”. So, Agus, who was born after August, is nicknamed “Agus, Accident Victim”. Don’t be angry, this is just an interpretation.

According to Feng Shui science, the characteristics or character of people named Agus are usually creative, brave, self-confident, like challenges, adventurous, unwilling to give in, selfish, generous and sociable. The dominant characteristics of the name Agus are high solidarity, friendly, enterprising and never giving up. August is a special month for Indonesian people.

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